Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello my friends!

The birds are back here!
Their route is south once again.
My heart is singing!

In every sky,
And in rows upon the lines,
You give a great show!


Chris said...

Great photo, Julie! We have some birds that stay all year, but it is alway wonderful when the ones who don't return. Enjoy!

I loved your poem.

Teri C said...

Aw, sweet!
That's what we are...snowbirds

Bethany said...

So lovely Julie!

Serena said...

Great photo, Julie...I LOVE birds!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Crows have moved back into our neighborhood for winter here too. HAW.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Sweet pome. Thanks for your comments on my blog and it is always good to take breaks away from our computers. What a great class room project "thankful turkey" . Brings back memories of my school projects. Have a wonderful day.
Bobbie Lynn

donna said...

I'm pretty sure those are snowbirds sitting up there deciding exactly where in FL to spend the winter.

Wonderful photo, Julie.


marianne said...

What a sweet little poem with this great picture!!!!

messyfish said...

I'm lOving that photo of the birds! And cometely unrelated here.... I ate chicken last night and I do love you xxx

walk2write said...

My goodness! I wonder if the power company has to come out and tighten up the tension on those lines after the birds depart.

Loved your lines, by the way:)

Julie said...

Messyfish- I am glad!!! Thanks!!!

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
That is a long wire of lots of birds!! Great picture. That is interesting...I had never thought that your birds would go someplace...hmmmm..where do they go? Do they come here where its cooler? and now they go back cuz its getting a bit too cold here?
I hope you enjoy the you feed them?

Hope you have been well. I guess you too have been very busy at work and generally...

have a good weekend.