Friday, September 12, 2014

A transformed pillow!

For those of you not on Facebook, where I already shared this project, I would like you to meet a new kitty!

I machine washed one of my DIL'S couch pillows, and somehow the corner of it jumped up, and got caught in between the basket of the washer, and down into the side edge. Well, when it went into spin cycle, it was making the most awful sound.
I ran out there, I stopped the machine, and as soon as it came to a stop, the pillow just dropped. The corner had been chewed right off!

I sat it out to dry naturally since now the stuffing was falling out. After a day or so, I decided rather that trying to square back up the darn thing, I would try and make a something different out of it.

I cut across the top, curving around both edges, then I found a picture of a cat face online, and tried pencilling it on freehand. Well, the pencil did not write well at all on this microfiber, so between that and me trying to draw anything symmetrical, he came out sork of wonky!

I decided that he looked kinda cute, and it gave him personality.  I hand embroidered in black everything but the whiskers. Then I used the sewing machine with regular black thread to make the whiskers finer. I made one of his whiskers come up and over the other 3, on his left side, trying to add more personality.

The ears are made from an old tee- shirt, and I added stabilizer to both sides of each ear, for stiffness, and very lightly padded each ear too.
I don't know why (and this is such an interesting, and strange thing about inspiration), but the tee-shirt is what made me come up with the idea to use it for ears!

My DIL loves black and red. Any she and the grandkids love cats and hamsters. I knew it had to be a cat. I shudder to think of how the pillow would have turned out if I had tried to make a mouse-like creature. LOL. he is (and I think HE is an old alley cat)!  My DIL thinks his name should be Fernando. What do you think? The cat looks devilish to me. Will Fernando be devilish enough????? Lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gingerbread cookies

I was talking to my friend, Karen, and we got to remembering large soft, chewy gingerbread cookies. Not the crispy ones, not the dry ones, not the thin ones...but the thick, soft, warm, chewy ones.  It got us looking for recipes for such a thing.  We found many, but I decided to go with this one:

 and they could not be better I tell ya!  I put them in a tin, and already they are disappearing faster than....well you know....and right into my stomach!  I can't help myself.  It is a feeling of fall in the calls for pumpkin spice lattes, and gingerbread!  RIGHT?????

I used my empty gingerbread tin that I bought at IKEA a few weeks ago.  Ahhhhhhh.....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More paper flowers!

Continuing on with making for of the flowers for Granddaughters 6th birthday party!  Here are two 8 inch flowers my friend and I decided to try yesterday.  I will use for the top of the birthday gift!  It will be so pretty, don't you think?
 Here you can see size in relation to table and lamp. These were done a bit different, since they have a rounded flower head rather than a flower center.  This was done by putting the paperclip in the center of the fan-folded tissue papers, and by cutting petal shape on both ends. If you watch the video on how to make them on my last post, you will understand what I am saying here. My once dining room table has become a demolished crafting area, hasn't it?  I love it.  No worries, all fun!
 Here is the 3 ft. pink flower for the My Little Pony called Pinky Pie. It is made with light and dark pink tissue paper.
And the flower for Princess Celestia.  Using white, light blue, light purple, light pink and gold.
Pay no attention to that old woman in the photo!
I have two more to put on the blog.  One is made...and one more to make this morning.  I will be glad to have them finished, as this project does hurt my back.  I have to stand over the table, bent over a bit, and with having my arms outstretched, making repetitive movements, I have to take 2 or 3 Ibuprofen before I start each day.  That helps.  I have made three large flowers on each day the past two days, and the last one will be done this morning.  Yeah!  I will get pictures of the party venue too.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making giant paper flowers!

To decorate my granddaughter's party area.  I found this video on YouTube:

and have made 3 huge flowers now from tissue paper.

She is obsessed with the Equestria Girls, which are the My Little Pony's gone human!  Anyway, the space where she will have her party is made for the addition of giant flowers all around, and each one is the special colors of each Equestria Girl.  Trying to go for a ballroom affect, in a round about kinda way!  I am thinking I may hang some tulle from each one to fancy it up even more, but am worried about them being able to be pulled down by little hands.  We shall see.  Anyway, here are some I have made.

Orange and yellow for Applejack,..... and purple and white for Rarity:
Rainbow colors for Rainbow Dash:
It's hard to tell from the photos, but the middles are sunken down inside, and that there is a section of bright orange tissue paper between the red and yellow.  Each one is about 2.5-3 ft in diameter!  I will need to do some finally fluffing.  They are hot glued into a plastic lid just like in the video.  It will be easy to staple them into wood for hanging.  Now only 4 more to go.

I really appreciated the video and easiness of making these flowers.  A lot of bang for your buck!

I will show the final 4 when I get them done tomorrow!
Ever onward!
XOXO- Julie

Flowers from the garden yesterday!