Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More hand-lettered envelopes and water-coloring on cards!

For those of you that do not see me on Facebook, here are a few more envelopes I did using the style of Devoted Diarist.  Her style and technique is way more advanced, but I keep trying!  
 This one is for my stepson and his now 1 year bride, for their first wedding anniversary!
 Two cards I made using watercolor and Sharpie for drawing.  I learned this technique from The 11th Apartment, who you can find on Blogger and Facebook.  These were done using cardstock, NOT watercolor paper, so Sharpie was fine once the watercolor was dry.  If using watercolor paper, evidently Sharpie will bleed, so you must use a permanent artist pen, like PITT.
I just bought REAL watercolor paper, and artist pen, so I am ready for action!  I also bought the 36 color pallet of Artist Loft watercolors.  I am making some swatches to check out all of the colors later today. Wish me luck!  Oh, and I have been writng to a friend in French, and found that watercolor in French is pretty!!!

XOXO_ Julie

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