Friday, February 12, 2016

OK, I caved and sewed myself a cover!

After searching literally hours for a pretty handmade journal cover, I discover the perfect one!  I went to order it, but the difference between the dollar and whatever country it was in, it ended up costing too much. Still I thought I would order it.  Then suddenly I said to myself, "What the ???  is your problem, Julie"!!!  I have so much scrap fabric!!!!  I had to convince myself I could do it!  I jumped up, started measuring my journal, calculating, and picking out fabrics to coordinate.  This floral pink, white and black is flocked, and it was a blouse, that had pin tucking on front.  I decided my journal needed some interesting architectural details, so the pintucking would be on front.  The spine is a natural muslin, and the black jean material is a pocket.

The back.  The black jean material continues around the spine, and across the whole back, which can hold papers, or pens, paperclips, etc.
 The inside is entirely made of the beautiful floral material. If the book were removed you could see it.  I made flaps, so that the cover can be used on any A5 journal.
 I like how it turned out, with the use of the different textures of fabrics, and you know that pocket makes me very happy.  The pen I painted with nail polish goes with it perfectly!

This project was a bit scary for me, but I'm so glad I tried it!!
XOXO- Julie


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW, you did a lovely job with cover and even your pen.

Way to go girl ~ FlowerLady

Lisa Greenbow said...

This is gorgeous Julie. I know you couldn't have found anything as pretty and useful. Now that you know you can do this if you find you need another feature added to it or you can just make another one. I am very curious about your bullet journal. I hope you keep us updated on how you like this type of journaling etc.

walk2write said...

I love both ideas, Julie, the cover and the pen. I have some old polish that's been sitting around in a drawer and could be put to good use. Now I just need to find some metal pens. It would be a good project to do with Grandson. He's old enough to trust with creating minute details without creating too much of a mess. And maybe if he made some pretty pens, he would be encouraged to do some writing. His version of the cover would have to be either camo or something to do with fishing, though.

Penny said...

Looks good.

Jessica P said...

You are so clever! everything you make is beautiful.


Clare said...

Great job . . . Beside saving the money - it always more fun and satisfying to make something yourself!