Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Succulent tire revisions done....yeah!

This morning I dragged myself over to Lowes to order a new dryer. While there, i had a 10 dollar off card, so I went shopping in the garden center, of course!

I found 2 large begonias (one red and one white), which were on the discount rack for 3.50 each. They are perfect for our cooler weather season down here....I think they will be so gorgeous when replanted, trimmed amd fertilized.....just in time for Christmas!!!!!

Then i picked up 3 new flowering plants for the tire garden. One is a small pale pink mum, one a dark pink coneflower, and one is the very hot electric purple pink thing in front of my multicolored zinnias!   It makes that tire POP!  I have the name of it on the little stick it came with, but I cannot make myself go back out to get it.

I decided to revise the succulent tires, because all of the heavy rains we have had, washed the soil down tooooooo much!!!

I made a command decision to eliminate all of my cactus', because I am tired of being poked. I feel I have just reached a stage in my life where I just can't deal with it any more.

My towering euphorbia lactea has it's own tire now, surrounded by shells for a top dressing.  I plan to get more, as my supply is dwindling.  I lose my shells, pebbles and such under the soil over time.....

If you ever want to have fun (not) treasure hunts, this is one I had to remove the plants and dig and hunt for all of them. I placed them in my wheelbarrow, washed them, separated each color (I have white, rose, black and blue stones, and the shells. It was a job, believe me.

I think everything looks pristine now, so my brain can shut down the anxiety over it. Whew.

There is a pic of my 1 current Gretel eggplant. That plant is a year old and still producing.

The Black Knight is blooming now for me for the first time!  I had given my aunt and cousin some, and they live in mid west Florida and they report theirs are also in bloom! How fun!

Now to get back to the unending laundry......


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Wow, that was a job! Looks really nice the shells and they are SO WHITE!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your tire plantings look great since you have rejuvenated them. That is a lot of shells and rocks. Doesn't it feel good to get that job accomplished? Happy Halloween.

In answer to your question, yes it was our anniversary. Thanks for stopping by.

Diane AZ said...

Your succulent tires are gorgeous, all of your plants look happy! :D