Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting into the Christmas spirit already!

My husband and I spent the night across the street from Downtown Disney at Disney World, Orlando. We walked from  one end to the other, and it is beautifully lit. We ate at Fultons Crab House, on a paddleboat (absolutely devine food, if you go there), we saw multiple amazing musicians along Pleasure Island, and it was cold and breezy out.....very invigorating!!!

The drawn Christmas tree is one I scribbled out on a paper tablecloth the other night at a restaurant back home. We all decided to draw something while we waited for our food, and a Christmas tree popped out. Strange.

We also attended Santas arrival at our local mall, with a dance party with the reindeer, elves, Santa himself, and a snow queen ((all on stilts).

I wish I could be a kid is all so magical!  I get to be a grown up kid, and sometimes the magic stll gets to me.

Hope everyone has a magical holiday season!


Rohrerbot said...

This looks like a blast:) The holidays are indeed beginning:)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looks like you had a super time and your Christmas tree drawing is very nicely done :)

marianne said...

Really Christmassy :)
Oh I love that time.....all those lights.
Here we will have Saint Nicolas first after that I will decorate immediately :)
Love your drawing of the tree the design would make a nice X mas card!
Enjoy this season

Claude said...

That tree drawing is quite amazing. still getting used to blogging on the phone. The worst part is the auto correct. I swear... sometimes it puts something in there that ain't even a word. Hope the rest of your holiday season is as much fun as this part!