Sunday, January 6, 2013

Garden new year surprise!

I am posting on my phone so pics may be out of order. I have these sweetly sprawling volunteer sunflowers that popped up between my tires! They started opening up on Jan. 1, and this is how they look today. So cute! I put a couple of my roses in here too... the pink drift rose has this beautiful spray on it this morning.

The red and white begonias I bought separately and they were all near dead at Lowes a few months ago! I knew I could clean them up, fertilize, and have blooms by Christmas, and it actually happened! That was fun.

Will be at Disney World with friends and family next 3 days.....DH staying home with Doozey.

Hope everyone is enjoying the quietness of the holidays being over.

Xoxo- Julie


Claude said...

what a good show that's putting out!

Teri Casper said...

I know you are having fun at Disney.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have fun on your trip. Love seeing a bit of color in your garden. Lucky you.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Must be nice to have so much color in the dead of winter! Love it.

Lidia Cabanella said...

tienes las plantas maravillosas !!!!!!!


Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Happy New Year!
Have fun..yay for you and the little ones! Your flowers are so beautiful. You're doing so well posting on your phone..!
enjoy and see you when you are back.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy New Year Julie. Your garden is looks like it is off to a good start for the new year. Love your tire garden and the roses look great in them. I love having sunflowers in my garden last year and need to think of another spot for them this year. They are a happy flower and every garden should have some. There are some pretty container types too. Yours are very pretty and love the bright yellow.
I buy my mini roses a the supermarket. I have not tried ordering by mail yet. I have heard that my local 99 cent store had mini roses last year. I may see if they have any this year. I love them in containers. They brighten up my patio area. Hope you and your family are having a good time at Disney world. Blessings, Bobbie Lynn

shirley said...

Your flowers are always lovely. Hope you had a nice time at Disney, and a lovely xmas and new year Julie.

yoon see said...

Happy New Year 2013 Julie and family!
So good to see you remained the happy green person in your garden.

The flowers are so charming in its own beauty.

Happy holiday, Disney World trip is worth investing and enjoy your trip there!

Jenny S said...

Gorgeous plants! I can see they like your climate. Mine are all struggling at the moment. Your Euphorbia lactea cristata looks amazing! Mine hasn't been looking so happy lately.

marianne said...

What a cute gift those sunflowers popped up just for you!

yoon see said...

Tire but harvest time!

It's worth spending quality time in the garden. Me too! I feel much happier and satisfy though tire working in my garden.

I used to have the plants and flowers in your 2nd & 3rd pictures.

Loving all plants and flowers for God entrusted us to take care of behalf of him.

Good job Julie!