Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hi everyone!  I wish I had something to show you!  I was even at a lovely plant show with daughter, friend, and SIL the other day, and did not take 1 picture!  The highlight of that trip, besides hanging with them, was buying a small frozen yogurt at Fro-Yotopia in a flavor I had just discovered called Salted Caramel Popcorn.  It is incredibly good.  
The weather here is into the high 80's now, and we are getting tooooo hot!  
The shade still feels good, but standing in the sun, you kinda start of melt.
Going back to the yogurt....the lady working in there also loves that flavor, and advised a topping of Captain Crunch cereal was the best, so I threw in a sprinkle, and lo and behold it was soooo delish!!!  Yes, that was seriously one of their toppings.  I had not had that cereal since I was a kid and thought it would probably taste like garbage, but it is sweet, crunchy and with that yogurt, just perfect!!!

We have been through a lot of house upgrades this past week.  Our past air conditioning system was 17 years old, and the a/c guys told me that usual length of service for a system in south Florida is 10 years.  Anyway, we had to shell out for a whole new system, and duct cleaning.  

Then came the bathrooms shower and tub faucets.  One was leaking, and one had a knob that was disintegrating that could not be replaced due to age of equipment.  So, we had both bathrooms faucets changed out to central controllers, and they are so nice!  New shower heads too! Something about a nice shower and you are in a lap of luxury suddenly!!!  hahaha.

So now, the old lighting in the kitchen is on the blink.  We have several electrical issues that need addressing, so that will happen this week coming up.  I am just hoping that the horoscope I read a few days ago comes true.....that I will receive a large amount of money this week coming up!  WOW!  If it happens, you all will be the first to know!!!  

So these things have been where all my time, money and energy has gone this past week.  I feel bad that this is all I can tell/show at this time....but after a while, I should be back in the swing again!

Still reading all your blogs though, and lovin it!!!
xoxo- Julie


walk2write said...

Wow! All of those repairs coming up all at once. When it rains, it pours, seems like. At least you could savor the sweet moments with family and laugh about the momentary troubles. Here's hoping that the money you need will soon find its way to you.

Claude said...

You were at a flower show and nor one picture? How dare you! lol... it's starting to warm up here too. In a month I'll be griping about how got it is...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Julie, the joys of home ownership. Sounds like you have been having a good time. Nice to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I cringed at the A/C part. Ours is waaaay past its prime and a new system is over 5 grand. We are babying this unit like crazy. It still cools great (which for this middle aged woman is an EXTREME necessity), but ever year we are performing some kind of repair - albeit minor in comparison to a new unit.

Given your recent horoscope, maybe you should play the lotto! :-)

Bobbie Lynn said...

HI Julie,
It is ice cream weather here too. Good to hear you had a good time at the plant show. So sorry to hear of the repairs. Your not alone in that area. Having a home is a mixed blessing. Hope there are no more areas for you to take care of now. Take care and have a wonderful week.
Bobbie Lynn

My Little Family: said...

While I hate spending the money too, it is so nice to have upgraded things in the house. "Luckily" we've had some issues that forced us to upgrade (like leaks behind tile), lol. It feels so extravagant!

Dawn said...

Hi Julie, we had a couple of years like that. We replaced the dying AC before it quit on us and when we had the money to do so. Fridge quit all of a sudden. Undetected Mold - behind-panelling - due to a leaking and defunct dishwasher (valve), then the washing machine (man that was tough with 4 of us), and now the water heater is dying on us. We are like the Australians were a few years ago. No more bubble baths for me!. All 4 of us are limited to a 5 minute hot/warm shower. I think I can say with all honesty that my "footprint" is somewhat smaller just over the water heater alone, and guess what, my electric bill is $100 less PER month. Just goes to show how much wasted hot water this family alone used.

Pudgeduck said...

I live in fear each summer-mine is 21 yrs old. I'm doing the same with a old-1929 rent house.Plumbing all ne bathroom-other things as the money allows..Liking your roses