Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few pictures from the tire garden this morning

A volunteer sunflower amidst the sweet!
Mother of Millions nestled between the tires!
I love how these grocery store mini red roses grow in clumps!
A few yellows
The Black Knight has re-seeded along with a lettuce plant!!!!!
A few light pinkish mums
And check it out.....another darn tomato found back where I do not pay any attention! I had moved this and a few others to my long lost porch of despair 5 months ago, and I guess we have had enough rain to keep this fighter going!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!
xoxo- Julie


Anonymous said...

Tell us about this "tire garden"! I have four tires in the back on my truck waiting to be taken to the dump . . . but now I'm thinking there may be another use for them. Can you post a picture of the tire garden from afar?

I love the mini roses . . . but have a hard time keeping them alive. :-)

My Little Family: said...

congrats on the tomato! so sorry to learn of your aunt's passing. hugs.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Your garden looks to pretty and your roses look happy too. Nice size tomato there. Yum.
Have a wonderful day. Thank you for your sweet words.
Bobbie Lynn

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is a wonderful time of year for gardens.

Claude said...

Wonderful pics. isn't it amazing how happy the smallest blooms can make us?

Carla said...

Long lost porch of despair...LOVE IT!! At my mom's she has a spot she calls the 'hospital'. Only plant people get this!! Love your blooming:)