Saturday, September 21, 2013

A walk at the beach

This morning my friend, Karen and I went to Juno Beach (Florida) on the Atlantic Ocean, with her doggy, Link Link.  We got there just after 7am and the sun was just above the horizon.
Here is a view toward the Juno pier.
The sun was rising to the east and we turned around and look what was in the west sky! The moon!!!! Pretty cool.
Shells and seaweed everywhere.
Here are some seed pods I found down in the surf. My I.D. book has a picture of what looks like these same 3 dark colored balls and if I am correct they look like Laurelwoods. And a sea almond (in front)
A view toward the ocean through the canopy of Sea Grapes. Can you see all the grape clusters?
Here is a close up.
This was so pretty, and delicate I just had to take a picture. My book shows it as a Beach naupaka. So sweet.
Here is Linky playing in the puddle of the showers there.  He is a merle Pomeranian. His momma gave him a summer cut so he isn't as fluffy as usual, but looks like a cute teddy bear.
I have no idea what this is. Any ideas? We did not find it at the beach, but outside at the place about 3 miles west for breakfast! If any ideas, please let me know. We both took cuttings and I am trying to root it in water.
Here is my cutting (which is much perkier now), seed pods and a couple of coconut palm seeds I picked up.
Here is my I.D.'ing book.  I found it at John MacArthur beach park (on Singer Island, Florida) in the nature store there.  I have also seen them at other parks around the state.  I love this book. It covers beach plants, shells, birds, and much more.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the beach and my great finds.  Such fun, I tell ya.  We do not get to the beach enough, and tomorrow we plan on going again, and I will also take Doozey!


Bobbie Lynn said...

What a beautiful way to spend an early morning. Seeing the sun rise and set are my favorite things to see. Have another wonderful time tomorrow.

walk2write said...

I love seeing your beach finds. And the pics you took are lovely. I'm not sure what that flowering plant is. Probably something truly tropical and so not often seen around here in zone 8. You know, I have that same book. I'm trying to remember where I bought it. It was either at the Fort Pickens gift shop or at a museum in Tallahassee. It's a very interesting book and handy for ID-ing things. Remember the sea pork I found a few years ago? It was featured in the book and was helpful for the post I did.

shirley said...

What a gorgeous sunrise, Julie, those colours are amazing. I love walking along the beach collecting interesting things and your beach looks the kind I like to explore.

You have some wonderful beaches over there.
Hope you find the name of the plant.

Teri Casper said...

Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful and wonderful. Thanks for the trip.

soulbrush said...

I love all photos of beaches specially with the sun still rising. Hugs my pal.

Angel Mar said...

Beautiful stroll through a lovely place. White flowers plant seems a kind of hibiscus (Hibiscus). Best regards

Elizabeth (eli) said...

Oh man - that looks like an amazing trip. Great pictures!

Dawn said...

I love that beach too! We usually settle in east of Juno Pier though. Great photos Julie.

Claude said...

Sounds like a great day. Found objects are always great. Thanks for showing us.

My Little Family: said...

So sorry to hear that Doozey has damaged her ACL. I don't have any experience with that particular but I did have one with my Mooney dislocating his knee cap and not being diagnosed. I fused out of join and left him with a bit of a limp or he would raise one leg when he ran. In old age it was a real problem for him though. If she's young and healthy then there should be no danger in having it repaired. Hugs to you and Doozey.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Could your plant be a Hibicus? Look sort of like it to me. Beautiful state, Florida...but you know that!

Carol Clemmons said...

Hi Julie! I love your Florida pic's, brings back good memories for me! I used to live in Sarasota on the West coast, beautiful there!!! When I left Florida I was living on the East coast in Stuart.

Julie said...

Hi Carol!