Friday, January 3, 2014

Succulents, knitting, the kids having life in a nutshell

Good Friday morning! We woke up to 54 degrees here, and man, does it ever feel fresh and wonderful! I went out to water in my Capri pants and thin cotton summer shirt because it was in the 80's yesterday, and got a pleasant surprise! It was chilly! I felt myself dreaming of sitting by a fire drinking a mug of warm soup! Lol.

Well, my little succulent garden out back in the cinderblocks is doing great! They all look so happy and are really thriving and growing in! That worked out well. If you are thinking of trying this, I just want to tell you that I lose NO soil out the bottom of the blocks! I couldn't think of any way to hold the soil in but it seriously has not been an issue. Yeah!
I can see expansion of this little garden in the future! It is perfect for succulents in south Florida, as ours are tiny as compared to specimens on the west coast! (Jealous)!!!! My beautiful kalanchoes is starting it's yearly climb upward to make its bell shaped blooms! Always exciting to watch!
Here is how far I've gotten on my knitting of the rectangle for Warm Up America. So far, no mistakes, thank God! At least not that I know of! It is a sort of hideous green, especially against my yellow pants, but I am thinking of toning it down with a floral cross stitch pattern and the word LOVE in the middle  before I turn it in! I think that way it could be incorporated into a bolder aphgan.
Emmie got a new momma striped kitty cat for her baby and is in hog heaven!
Donovan got a new guitar and is taking online lessons just for kids and is learning quickly and LOVES it! Grandma Julie is so proud of him! He plays the bass at school and the year prior, the violin. He seems to have an affinity for the strings!
Here are the 2 wild kids at the park. They both love the "spinny-thingy" that Donovan is sitting on!  They both got new scooters for Christmas too, and their exercise levels have increased 500%! Yeah! Evil grandmas plan is working!!!!! Lol.
Emmie loves Elsa, one of the sisters in the new movie, Frozen. My daughter gave Emmie cat eyes and purple eye shadow just like Elsa's. Big stuff, I tell ya!
The lipstick was applied by she, herself! Whoo-hoo!!!!
I am doing a gratitude journal with prompts for each day of the year, which you can find at 
She also has an app to record your gratitude lists and photos, for your IPAD and IPHONE. Not sure about other phones, but check it out! 

TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy New Year Julie. Love the photos and I have seen a few gardens adding cinderblocks. Your garden is growing nicely. Here is So. California we have been having beautiful weather. Feeling better and hope by next week I will be back to 100%.
Love the pics of the Grand-Kids. : ) I'm so behind in my blog reading and posting.
Have a wonderful weekend and sending you and your family heartfelt blessings for 2014.

Carla said...

54* would be heaven to me right now! It is 3* above zero at 9:30 am. But that is a heat wave compared to what Monday is supposed to be with a high of -6*F. But then, this is central Iowa.
Your plants look great! Makes me think of those 100* days we had last summer. You have such a green thumb!
The kids look so happy, glad they had a good Christmas.
Congrats on your knitting. I don't knit but I sew some and I see alot of knitting posts show up online.
The dogs are not liking the cold but they do go out some to help feed the horses. They don't want out long tho, and I don't either!
Have a great weekend!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Kids are getting so big! My Ruby turned FIVE today. wow. Love the succulent garden. We had a ton of rain the past summer so my succulents kind of suffered, but never give up, never surrender.. and there's always moss & ferns to learn more about. :)

Claude said...

Well your life seems eventful. Not a boring moment! And that's how it should be.... just a hint... if you worry about losing soul from those blocks inthe future, plastic window screen should hold it all in.

Angel Mar said...

Fantastic idea Julie. Plants are beautiful and the children very happy. Happy 2014

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you and the Grands are off and running with the new year. I love having live music in the house. Lucky you.

Teri Casper said...

You are really enjoying life. Such a pleasure to see and hear.

Willow said...

Ha ha wonderful photos of the kids.
The succulent garden i the cinderblocks , great idea I think in the Spring I will try that as we have spare cinder blocks that I wanted to do something with .

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thank you Julie.

Forgot to mention on my last post. What a great photo of you. : )
Have a lovely day.

James Missier said...

That is a nice collection of succulents.
I'm very sure those flowers will truly give a delight when they start forming.
Happy Gardening.