Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My beer box tea folding and a dress for Kelly doll.

What?  Two posts in under 12 hours!!! I just had to show you guys how my beer box tea folding turned out tonight after having a heavy weight on it overnight to sort of press it down a bit since it is so bulky!
The one larger brad that I had left just happened to be a skunk.  Lol.  Turned out so cutely!  I think this bulky type would make a cute set of beer box magnets for refrigerator.

Now, Emily also needed a dress for her tiny Kelly doll (Barbie's little sister), so I cut a little scrap of pink fabric, secured it with a bit of glue dot, wrapped around a peice of eyelet pre-gathered  trim for the bottom, and then some mini pink ric-rac.  
Good for emergency situations where you just need a dress.  No changing clothes at this point!  Hahaha.  Sorry, Emily!!!


Jessica P said...

Julie you are soooooo clever!!
I love when you blog. Do it more! Love ya!1 <3

Lisa Greenbow said...

You just have too much fun playing with your Grands. Cute. I like the heavy weight gizmo you made too. I bet that was difficult to fold.

shirley said...

The folded stars look good out of that box. It is a really interesting project. One day, maybeee I will get round to trying it. Home from the farm today.

Deb said...

I love the little dress such a clever idea

Vera Lucia said...
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