Sunday, September 27, 2015

midnight tracing

                                        What does little birdie say, In it's nest at peep of day.
                                          I traced this from the book in my sidebar called

            New Sample Book of Our Artistic Perforated Parchment Stamping Patterns 

                                           Just being silly with nothing to do.  Can't sleep!


Jessica P said...

Awww cute! I hope you got some sleep. <3

Lisa Greenbow said...


shirley said...

I know the feeling of being awake half the night, but you made good use of the time Julie. It is very frustrating when you want and need sleep and it wont come. Hope it improves and you have been sleeping soundly since.

Deb said...

Amazing the things we do when we can't sleep, I love this and thinking to myself what a sweet little embroidery this would make.