Sunday, November 22, 2009

The good the bad and the ugly!

The good thing to look at and love are Prince Donovan and Princess Emily! They were playing on my couch having fun in the early morning hours (after spending the night with us) and I took a few pics of them being oh so cute!

The bad is that I have a cold again...and not only me, but daughter also!

The ugly is what I saw while laying on my couch trying to drain my head and when I looked up, and saw mildew on my vent. I thought of a little hiaku to go with it!

While on my couch, looking up
I thought to myself..."do I have the strength"?
To clean; I must.

Since my posts are generally all happy and pretty...I thought you would like to see what never seems to end at my house...mold and mildew! AND...I am allergic to bleach! It is always a problem. Well...better get to work. No time to rest. My stepson arrives tonight for Thanksgiving week! Yeahhhh!


Tootsie said...

was looking around at some of the vents here the other day....glad I'm not the only one with vents to clean!
hope you feel better soon!

Teri C said...

OMG, they are so absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

I self-diagnosed me with a sinus infection-been sleeping in the chair hoping that my nose would stop draining.

Your ugly reaction would be the same as mine YUCK!!!

You are funny Julie

Evelyn Howard said...

Hey Julie

Hope the cold goes away quickly... for both you and dauther.
It's such a lovely photo of the grandkids - they look so happy :)
Clean clean clean... housework will always be there :(

Take care, Evelyn

Ginny said...

aw my babies are so cute!!!

Serena said...

What a happy looking pic of Prince Donovan and Princess Emily.

Dust is my biggest complaint here.....and it doesn't get on too well with my asthma either. :(

Happy cleaning....or not ~ ;)

Serena said...

Btw, I hope your cold doesn't get too big a hold on you. Enjoy Thanksgiving week!

Lynn said...

Get well quick. Those are cute grandkids! And you felt well enough to change your blog layout, very nice!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the haiku. Your Grands are so sweet. I hope your cold doesn't ruin the week for you.

Arasu said...

The children's cheerfulness is a contagious one. I hope you will recover soon.

Bethany said...

PS Feel better soon and Happy Holidays!

Bethany said...

Oh jeeze! Adorable kiddies, but sorry about the mold. The haiku made me laugh. I love your positive attitude even in the midst of M and M!

soulbrush said...

love dose li'l dahlinks.
i am also allergic to bleach, we use white vinegar, does the trick!

marianne said...

Hope your cold is better, and can't you ask someone to clean that up for you, can't be good for you.....