Friday, November 13, 2009

Stuck in Houston!

Our flight out of Shreveport was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to PB by about 20 minutes, and now we are stuck in the Houston airport for 4 hours!!! HELP!!! Thank God I can get online and see what is happening in the world! Will get home now around 11pm. I will be grateful. The airline gave us 24 dollars of meal vouchers, so we had a lovely cajun meal here! We had an appetizer of crawfish cheese dip with buttery little bread toasts (devine)...and then I got my last fried catfish for this trip! (I adore it). I told hubby we need to find any, and then THE BEST catfish in our area. Generally we can only get it in the southern states, and including north Florida (but you must travel up the state to find it).

I AM TRYING TO UPLOAD A FEW PICS, BUT BLOGGER IS SCREWING AROUND WITH ME...SO WILL WORK ON IT ON MY BIGGER LAPTOP at HOME! Sorry for the caps...this is a smaller keyboard and I push buttons by accident!
Later...xoxo- Julie


Teri C said...

Oh dear, Doozey is going to be so angry with you, lol Hope it all goes well.

walk2write said...

Hope you made it home okay. What's with Blogger lately? I've been having trouble uploading videos and pics. Around here the favorite fish is fried mullet, but it has to be really fresh and from a reliable source.

Serena said...

The nice meal would have eased the annoyance somewhat but I hope the rest of the time passed quickly for you, Julie.

carolie said...

yay houston! our cajun food is pretty darn good! hope you had a good flight!