Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday fun, and Happy Cactus Monday!!!

Well, today polished off another great day here in south Florida. A little chilly, but invigorating...and it warmed up a bit by afternoon, so I went out and took white lights off all my front bushes. I got out my electric bush trimmer and gave them a haircut...and then guess what I did??? I put the lights back on the bushes!!! I figure they can't say they are necessarily Christmas lights, my bushes are well trimmed, and I like having the extra light right there by the door, plus they are pretty! I was enjoying it so much that when Donovan came outside, I decided to pull a Tom Sawyer on him, and show him how much fun it is to pull up weeds by the roots! Oh, yes, he was enthralled for , ummm, oh, maybe 6 minutes!!! I don't think he ever mastered the technique though...hehehe...but it was a fun moment in time!!! :)

Oh, I did do something else out in that front garden.....remember when I had mentioned that the wind had blown over my prickly pear cactus??? Well, I wanted to straighten it up and stake it, but when I tried to pull it upright it just cracked, and I did not have the help or energy to try and right it. So...I just started cracking it up and finally got to the bottom where I was able to pull out the roots. I bagged it, so it wouldn't take root anywhere else, and put it out for the trashman. How bad am I??? Do you hate me??? I will tell you that I was walking around the neighborhood tonight looking for a missing Sheltie, and I saw the original prickly pear tree the cuttings had come from, and it was covered with blooms!!! It is a gorgeous specimen all tall and tree form.

Today was my DIL's birthday, so we decided to make chocolate cupcakes (her choice), and frost with white, then we made up bags of different colors of frosting to decorate with. I never saw people have so much fun!!! Carolyn (daughter), and Donovan (grandson) really had a good time, as you can see by the photos below.

Yes, that is ACTUAL BLACK icing we made up that she has applied to her face!!! Goodness.
Hope everyone has a great week.


Cindy said...

Wow, lookit all the cupcakes! That last shot is hysterical. Did Donovan give himself the yellow icing goatee on purpose, or was he just messy? Either way, he's cute.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Happy Cactus Monday girlie! Sounds and looks like a lot of fun with birthday cupcakes! They are cute.

The lights sound great. You should keep them up all the time. Do what you like!

Too bad about the cactus. I have one like that. The blooms are really different and bright raspberry. You should just take one of the pads and just start over!

My Little Family: said...

icing on her eyebrows! the stickiness of it all, lol.

julie pretty much all of my succulents died in our last cold spell and some critter dug out all my shoes. i'm too embarassed to post photos.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can see that you all had such a good time with those cupcakes. Glad you had such a productive weekend.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Looks like a lot of fun there Julie. Love all that icing too. A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.

Lynn said...

Condolences for the loss of your cactus!!! OH dear!

I am laughing at the frosted kids.
I love love love the cupcakes with the faces best!!!
But would want to eat the one with the most M & Ms on it. Who ate the one with the pile of green frosting? Yuck! LOL Glad you had fun, it made me laugh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIL and Happy Cactus Monday.

Julie said...

Cindy- yes, Donovan did the goatee himself on purpose...he was having a blast!

Candy- thanks...I will keep my lights on the front bushes...luckily my next door neighbor agrees with us, and she has not taken down ALL of her Christmas lights and decor yet...I think she is merging into Valentines Day...she loves holidays!

Vickie- I am so sorry about your sux and the shoe garden was so awesome!!! I hope you get down to the HD and get you some new plants for those shoes immediately!!! Try Begonias in there for the winter/spring...they are so pretty this time of year!

Lisa and Bobbie Lynn- thankyou!!!

Lynn- The face cupcakes were done by my artsy fartsy daughter, Carolyn! I liked them the best too! LOL. Donovan ate his tall icing cupcake and LOVED it...I think he thought he had died and gone to heaven!!!

Teri C said...

Cactus Monday and yummies all rolled into one. Those blooms are so pretty even though yours had to end in the trash-darn wind.


Mandy said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! Great decorating jobs too, especially like the faces...too cute!

messyfish said...

Oh I laughed out loud when i saw the green icing. I know that kind of decorating. happens alot round here too! I have missed so much on your blog. I am being distracted all over the place. trying to draw more. I must take a break and have a good look round now x
ps are you on facebook?

Julie said...

Messy- No, I am not on far I am resisting, cause I just can't spend any more time online!!! :)

Jessica said...

wow, so much fun making cuppy together.