Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas shining!

We went to a local street that has been taken over by decorating elves! We had to drive through this wonderful wonderland twice, just for 3year old Emily. Well...maybe for all of us! :)


marianne said...

Even for me it is magic so I can imagine Emily!
Happy Holidays dear!!!!

deepazartz said...

Gorgoeus, Gorgeous Pics Julie...No wonder Emily loved it...even we adults will love it, right?

walk2write said...

In the town where SAM is from, there is an event (not a place) known as Candy Cane Lane, started by an art teacher about 30 years ago. It's grown to encompass just about the entire town, and people come from miles around to see it. So far we haven't found that kind of Christmas spirit around here. I'm glad you discovered some.

Bobbie Lynn said...

How beautiful. Merry Christmas Julie. I hope you get some time to rest up.
Bobbie Lynn

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Thanks for sharing the magic Merry Christmas

shirley said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful images I love the way people decorate the outsides of their homes.
These pics are just amazing.

karen said...

Great pics...never did make it over there this year. I'll just enjoy the lights on your blog.