Friday, May 18, 2012

Interesting things in nature...

I discovered a website tonight called It's Nature Lets Discover, and it is so cool. It has lists of stuff you can click
1. 10-beautiful,yet toxic caterpillars
2. 10 of the World’s ‘Spikiest’ Living Things
3. Top 10 Most Popular Pet Reptiles
4. 10 of the Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the World

and more!!!

The caterpillars really are amazing and if you click on the link above you will be taken to that page. Nature really is amazing! Hope you enjoy!
xoxo- Julie


soulbrush said...

such a cute and wierd photo. and I LOVE the look of your blog nowadays. hope you are feeling a bit better about dear mom.

Bobbie Lynn said...

thanks Julie for the link. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. The little guy you have on your post is kinda cute.

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
He is sooo sweet. I love the look of caterpillars...they are wonderful furry little beings. Thank you for sharing and I'll check out and learn more.

Hope all is well...I wonder if its real hot over there?? Keep cool enough. Its beautiful weather. Just loving it.

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Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
I forget if I told you I'm having a GIVEAWAY? Be sure to visit..
Judi xo

walk2write said...

The website is a bit flashy (lots of ads, and a Harley commercial!), but it's got some great information and pics. Thanks for providing the link. I hope your week is going well.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
So good to hear about your job. Praise God! Have a wonderful weekend and hope you get to enjoy your garden and may it bring you peace. Thanks for your comment and all is good here. Next week my Girl will be home for a few weeks. One year down and three more to go for her schooling. So proud of her.
Blessings to you and your family.

yoon see said...

Wow! This is truly beautiful and amazing beyond my expectation!
I go check out now!