Saturday, March 9, 2013

As a follow up to my last post regarding making the Scrub Jay the Florida State bird, you can follow on it on TWITTER....or add to the discussion.

There was a petition, but now it seems closed.  I suppose anyone interested could still copy this  and send to a high ranking official with the State of Florida...maybe your own congressman???

Florida state government 
Make the Florida Scrub-jay the new state bird

The Florida Scrub-jay is not only the only bird native to Florida, but it is also a threatened species that becomes rarer each day as human development projects build over the homes of this low-nesting species. Sometimes, to avoid preventative legal action that would protect the Florida Scrub-jay, large groups of feral cats are released into a nesting ground to eat the scrub-jays and their babies so developers can build without hindrance from the government. By making the Florida Scrub-jay the new state bird, we can raise awareness about the plight of this dwindling species and save the (est.) 4000 mating pairs that remain before this little bird leaves the earth forever.


[Your name]
I think I will do it.  I like the idea of saving this species.



walk2write said...

Thanks for following up, Julie. I will write a letter to our district rep. I hope the efforts will pay off for the bird.

Loved Claude's comment BTW. Grandmas say the darnedest things!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

We have some sort of scrub Jay that is a nuisance bird here. They plant hazelnut and holly seeds all over the place and run the little birds off from the feeder. I think they are larger than your bird judging by your picture. Oregons bird is Western Meadowlark, mostly they live in Eastern Oregon. I love birds but I'm not much at identifying them!

Julie said...

Loved his story! How funny....but now I fear I will always watching my back!!! Hahaha!

Julie said...

I think you must have the Western Scrub Jay!!! Sorry such a nuisance. I'm sure ours must be ultra sweet!!! ;)