Friday, June 21, 2013

Some roasted chick peas, a trip to the science museum, and SHOW YOUR PLATE RACK FRIDAY!

These are a few pictures of the roasted chick peas I made a few days ago.  They tasted pretty darn good with good crunch for about an hour maybe after coming out of the oven.  You gotta munch them up fast!  It was a fun experiment to try, and I recommend it if you are a lover of such things!!!
Here are the seasonings I used.  I just put a bit of olive oil in a bowl, sprinkled in some salt and Herbs de Province (my fav seasoning of all time)!  I used 1 can of chick peas, rinsed and paper towel dried off.
Here they are all oiled and seasoned ready to go into a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes I wanted them to be a bit darker and smaller (more of the water baked out of them for crunch) I cranked the oven to 400 for 15 more minutes.

This  is right out of the oven.  They look shiny when first out, but after a few minutes out, they are dry.  My only suggestion is to eat them as soon as you get them out of the oven and they are cooled enough to handle.

Here are a couple of pics of the kids inside a circular fish tank at the science museum today...they climb under and into the middle and they look like they are in there with the fish!  Pretty cool.
Is this some kind of pretty anemone?????
This fish was quite social and seemed to want his picture taken!  He posed and just stayed next to me the whole time!  So cute!!!
We went to a planetarium show with Big Bird and Elmo as hosts, and learned all about the night skies.  Neat movie and the kids LOVED it.

I thought it would be fun to show you my plate rack for some ungodly reason!!!  I looked at it yesterday and thought it would be fun for everyone to do this so we can all see what we display up there!  Mine is NEVER just plates!
The plate on the upper left was sent to me by my DIL, when she and my son were stationed in Budingen, Germany, the one on top left is a bunny plate from my friend, Karen.  The bottom left is also some Germany plateware she sent me at Christmastime, and the bottom right is a paper plate done by Emily at Vacation Bible School this week!  Aas you can see, Doozey rules the roost here, and Emily has her bunny made at Easter as well.  Down below, (seen in top pic), we have a monkey made of Perler Beads, and Mickey himself.  Oh...and that picture of two babies is my cousin (on left) and I in around 1958.  I had it colorized years ago for each of us!  Yes, I was born in 1956. So if you have the nerve to show your plate rack (or any display area in your home), please do so, and leave me a message so I can come by and see!!! It will be fun!

xoxo- Julie


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Roasted chick peas look very tasty! Have you tried making Kale chips? Kale chips intrigue me but, now, I'm going to have to think about roasting some chick peas, too. Looks like you and grandkids had a fun time....what a cool way for the kids to get up close to the fish.

Claude said...

No fair! I don't have a plate rack.

Debbie Borthwick said...

What a fun day with the grandkids! (and you were born the same year I was!)
Hi Julie, sorry I've been absent, life took over and I had very little to no time online. I haven't written my blog since the one you commented on, I really have to find time to get back at it. It's just so hectic right now!
I hope you've been well, thanks for dropping by, and sorry I took so long to reply.
Thanks! Debbie :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mmmm this sounds like a good thing to do with chick peas. Looks like you had a good time with the kids. Love fishes. I had a goldfish once that was very social. It greeted me each morning,followed my movements when I was in the room with it. I have fond memories of Fred the fish. I don't have a plate rack. I have lots of chachkee.

soulbrush said...

I love chick peas and eat them a lot- boil a big plate of brown rice, add the chicks and olive oil and munch on them. Those kids are growing so fast! Love ya.xxxx

Bobbie Lynn said...

HI Julie,
Love chick peas. I could eat the whole can. Roasting them sounds wonderful. Wonderful photos of your Grand-kids. They are growing so fast. Hope they have a great summer. Thanks for your comment. I love my Staples center. My printer is going out and I had them print most of my calendar pages. I told my Daughter that they will rebind text books with the coil binding. I found at both Staples and Target some neat accessories for the smaller binders (card holders, pouches, etc).
Have a wonderful Sunday.