Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Easy homemade fresh dog food

My vet has me making Doozey fresh food twice daily. It was surprised at how easy it is! I cook up a week or so worth of either chicken legs or ground chuck. Put it in a container. If I use chicken legs I just put them in refrig and at mealtimes I take out a leg and tear up meat from a whole leg for her. Doozey weighs 8 lbs and needs to lose a pound at least. 
Then they told me I could use canned vegetables! This brand is one mix Doozey absolutely loves! It has potatoes, carrots, celery, a few corn kernels, (but not many), and peas and green beans. Everything is soft so easy to mash up with a fork!
Now the only thing is that you have to add some kind of vitamin/mineral and enzyme concoction so dog gets what they need to stay healthy. I do it, and Doozey actually will eat her food with these crushed and mixed in. These are liver flavored.  For a dog her size she only needs one tablet a day. There is a chart on container to tell how many per day per weight of your dog.
So here I have mashed the veggies
Added 1/2 cup meat
Taken out this very large tablet
I break it into 4 peices
Crush it with the back of a spoon on top of a folded paper towel. This keeps anything from trying to slip or slide away and you can scrape the crushed stuff right off the towel into the food. Easy.
Then mix
Here is how I just put the lid back down in the veggie can to store in fridge. Easy.
Doozey loving her dinner!
I hope you can consider making fresh foods for your pet. It really is no trouble. I cook the chicken legs either in a crock pot all day, or one evening I bake a huge pack of them in the oven while I sit around with my feet up.

I was having a huge problem finding ANY store bought foods the Doozey actually would eat. The vet suggested this, and we have all been much happier. If I would have known how absolutely easy it is, I would have done it from the get-go!


Claude said...

Well good for Doozey. I've always thought real food was better for dogs than that mysterious gunk in a can anyway. She'll be back to her svelte self on no time....

walk2write said...

Great idea, Julie. Our cat would rather eat raw fish than just about anything. When we lived at the lake, she would wait for SAM to come back in the boat and hang around while he cleaned the fish just so she could get a few scraps. And was she ever disappointed if he didn't bring any home!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Doozey is one lucky dog! We do this for our dogs, but on a much smaller scale. On Sunday's my better half cooks a very large pot of chicken, brown rice and veggies. Then during the week, he mixes this with the girls' weight control Iams. Unlike Doozey, our four will eat ANYTHING - including couches, beds, clothes, well - you get the idea. :-)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

What a great idea and probably a whole lot healthier. Re: my Windy October stitched piece - yes I will frame it. Not sure when but eventually!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A friend of mine likes to hunt so she kills a deer or two every year to feed her dogs. Nothing goes to waste. If I had a tiny dog like yours I might do the same. I can't imagine how much beef and chicken my big dog would have eaten. Must be better for them than all the additives in dry food. Who knows what is in those cans.

Bobbie Lynn said...

What a lucky girl. It looks yummy too. We found some dog food that Opie likes and can handle.

Thanks for sharing the recipe too,
Have a great weekend.
Bobbie Lynn

Dawn said...

I'm surprised your vet suggested that. They always seem to want to sell your something extremely expensive that they have in stock first. I don't think there is anything wrong in feeding dogs 'people food' - and I think I am going to give it a go too. My two little guys eat Newmans own (Publix).

Thanks for sharing your recipe!

ps. I have read someplace that adding Brewers Yeast to food repels fleas?

soulbrush said...

My mom used to do this for our 2 bulldogs when I was young- and the kitchen always stank! They thrived on it though. I should do this too. Sigh.