Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's a coconut world, and a new wreath for Christmas!

I was out driving and touring the island of Palm Beach, where all the rich and famous live, and upon driving back to the mainland, I discovered this row of 8 palm trees filled with coconuts!  They looked so pretty all in a row like this!  I had to pull over and get a picture!
And a few close-ups!
All I can think of now is a Pina Colada!!!  hehehe.

Here is an old wreath I've had, made beautiful once again!  Created for Christmas, to hang on outside of daughters new art studio!  The room that is destined to become my husbands office when he retires, temporarily became daughters art studio until then. She has only a couple of electives left to take for her AA degree! Smart girl got all the hard, mandatory classes out of the way first!  She has the biggest interest in art as her degree, but she loves designing houses! Sounds like an architect to me!!! We shall see.
Sorry it turned out to be such a small image.  The lighting wasn't the greatest either.  The basic wreath I had made years ago by wrapping an artificial vine of white flowers around a grapevine wreath.  I've probably had it 20 years.  I have loved it so much, as it was sweet and simple.  I stuck in pink Christmas piks, and attached pink butterfly clip-ons.  Wrapped some gold ribbon all around, and voila!  A lovely PINK decoration for my sweet daughter!  



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those coconuts scream Florida to me. Love the wreath. I hope your holidays are merry and bright.

shirley said...

Happy season for you too Julie, it is getting close.
Love your wreath and I am sure your daughter loves it too.

Claude said...

I love coconut palms... from a distance. The few times I've been around them I've found them worrisome, I'm always afraid they're gonna drop a coconut on my head, or my car, or a small child... strange, I'm usually not prone to that kind of paranoia, but these amazing trees bring it out in me. Lol.

Nice work on the wreath.

tich said...

I am laughing at the pic of the palm trees. We have had our first snow, it is freezing and the winds are going daft. Thank goodness for the wood-burning stove! Love the wreath!

Aida said...

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I wish you lots of success
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soulbrush said...

I love coconut trees, they always remind me of living in West Africa and watching the kids shimmying up the trees and knocking them down.Hugs to you all.

My Little Family: said...

The wreath is just too sweet! What a nice mama. Happy Thanksgiving Julie.

Simone Felic said...

Que perigo andar em baixo destas árvores, que bela rua.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Don't you wonder if those coconuts ever fall and hit anyone? I wonder about stuff like that. lol Love the wreath. The holiday season is upon us. Came fast it seems!