Friday, November 8, 2013

Loss of a dear blogging friend.

For many of your cactus and succulent enthusiasts, you are familiar with the blog ,, written by Aiyana.  Unfortunately we just heard of her passing in September due to complications from surgery.  She had just moved from her large, beloved home due to health issues, and now this.  She answered everyone's questions and has a blog that is so knowledgeable. She sent me a card one time with her fav cactus bloom on it, we exchanged ATC cards, and once she just mailed me a pack of Mary Englebreit stationery and stickers cause she just thought I would like them!  I think of her so often over time. She was a bright, shiny spot in my life.

Her sister, at, posted about this.  If any of you talked to or followed Aiyana's blog, and would like to leave messages for her sister, please go to her blog.

Here is the poem Aiyana had/has on her blog. It just shows her heart.


There's part of the sun in an apple,
There's part of the moon in a rose;
There's part of the flaming Pleiades
In every leaf that grows.

Out of the vast comes nearness;
For the God whose love we sing
Lends a little of his heaven
To every living thing.

August W. Bornberger

I will miss you very much Aiyana.  You were a wonderful friend to me.
Hugs for eternity,


Claude said...

I was also saddened hear of her loss.

Julie said...

I know you were, Claude. So sad.

walk2write said...

I'm really sorry that I didn't get to know her. It sounds like she was one in a million.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I didn't ever read her. Sorry to hear of your loss.

Cindy said...

I'm sorry you have lost a friend. There are indeed true friendships made across the miles and over the internet, even if we never meet face to face. But I still hope someday to give you a hug in person.

Simone Felic said...

Que triste , é muito triste ver partir amiga querida,não aceitamos a morte , mas como não tivemos poder de escolher nascer , também não temos o poder de escolher quando morrer,
Deus console seu coração.

Teri Casper said...

Oh no, such a loss. I knew her briefly and she was so nice.

shirley said...

sorry to read of the sad loss of your friend Julie, keep your chin up.