Monday, October 28, 2013

My new sitting area with succulents and flowers!

I was so fortunate that I had two daughters go with me to pick out flowers for a new area outside.  I recently had the bottom of my screen-room enclosed and the back concrete power-washed.  The weather is cooling down and I was inspired to empty all my 5 gallon buckets, and fill with flowers. and one daughter thought a mix of pinks would be nice.  So voila, pinks!  I am thinking of ways to wrap something around the buckets to make them pretty and unified so if anyone has any good idea, feel free to share them with me!  My one idea is to buy short twig fencing- like stuff that comes on a roll and wrap each bucket with it. Another idea would be to wrap each one in burlap.  I even thought of getting pink tee shirts and placing them over the buckets (from thrift store or garage sales). I would prefer any mildew proof ideas, though!!!
I need a new table.
Starting small with this cinder-block succulent area.
The TIRE garden is mainly going to be flowers now.  These bits were transplanted out of the tires.
I found one chocolate soldier underneath some overgrown area, so it is relocated to the back right corner of the front right block below!  Can't wait to see it grown, as I had lost track of it before.  Nice surprise to find some!
Front yard Halloween touches!

Enjoy the cooler air everyone!  I know I am!
Love, Julie


walk2write said...

I hear you, Julie! The cooler weather has me wanting to be outside more than in. I guess our summer in Florida is like everyone else's winter. I'd rather stay inside then. Your patio and garden are looking very festive.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Patio and garden looks so cheerful with all the pink and succulents. Love it. As to your buckets...paint would be it for me. You can get paint that works on plastic now. Almost any color you would like.

Claude said...

I'd wrap the buckets in cheap rope. But the fencing stuff you thought of would be good too. Not sure about pink t shirts tho... if I was gonna do a color of anything, out would be bright blue, maybe yellow. More pink would overpower your flowers... maybe a neural?

Simone Felic said...

Gostei muito do reaproveitamento dos baldes , eu sempre reaproveito pet.

Julie said...

Claude, you are right about having too much pink! I like neutral too!

Lisa- Paint sure would be the easiest way to go. I have had bad fortune with the paint for plastic though, so it makes me nervous to try it. :)

Bobbie Lynn said...

HI Julie,
I like your area there. I love the way you used the cement blocks. I think that would be a great way to plants a few herbs that have a way of getting out of hand. Enjoy the cooler weather.
Bobbie Lynn

shirley said...

love your bright and colourful seating area. it is going to be a great place to sit and relax. Like your idea of the succulents in the cinder blocks. I have that one in the centre back at my front door and it grows huge.

Teri Casper said...

It's beautiful Julie. So inviting. Hmm, I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

Muito bonito :)

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