Thursday, October 3, 2013

An honest review of pretty little pens! A wolf in sheep's clothing.

We found these pens in the clearance rack at Staples, and thought they looked COOL. With a 2 dollar price I figured what have we got to lose? Well, turns out I had 2 dollars to lose, plus a lot more!
These pens break open easily, allowing god forbidden ink to stain whatever it falls on, which includes my floor, tub (don't ask), and clothing. Bright ink too!!!!! Wonderously bright ink!!!
Had to throw away 1 shirt of Emily's, my tub is stained forever as I am deathly allergic to bleach! I have rubbed and rubbed with Magic Eraser after getting the bulk off with soap and water. It is a fiberglass tub so cannot use abrasives.
These pens really fool you the first time you pull one out. They write so smoothly and you think they are wonderous! But then the globbing starts and well, you know. Definitely no good. Sorry to have to say that, Rainbow brand. Of course they are not marked as permanent, but actually they probably could claim that, just not in a good way.

I sat down to draw my glue stick, and that was where I found my results.
One good thing is that these pens do have bright vibrant ink, and I tested on paper...once it dries, I could not smear it....not even with a wet finger! Yes, looks very permanent! Even the blobs! This is a coloring page just filled in with the ink colors.

On a positive note, here are a few flowering plants I took pictures of in my neighbors back yard.  Isn't this a gorgeous pink???  WOWZERS!  These are growing in gardening zone 10.
Below came from Hawaii she says.  She took a cutting while there and this thing is huge and loaded with flowers!
I love ginger!


Claude said...

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide? That blue flower is amazing, anybody have any idea what it is?

Teri Casper said...

wow, thanks for that warning!! Too bad you had to learn this the hard way but you saved the rest of us.
Those blooms are GORGEOUS!!!


Elizabeth (eli) said...

Oh man . . . the tub stains are a bummer! But on the flip side, you flowers are beautiful.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

So sorry to read about the bad staining by these pens. You drew terrific looking drawings using them though. Beautiful flowers indeed! Our low for tonight is 23 F. No more flowers blooming outside but I'll enjoy yours :)

Dawn said...

I know the first pink flowering plant is a peace lily you can get them in HD right now, you know now I come to think of it maybe this is what the lubber grasshopper is after! Yikes!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Claude: I think it is Blue Ginger. See images here: BLUE GINGER IMAGES

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I see where your ink problem came from. Terrible. I am glad you found a way to remove it.

shirley said...

To have everythin stained would have been horrendous Julie. I see by your next post you managed to find a solution. I will have to remember that. I think hairspray is good for biro pen stains on leather. I know it sets chalk drawings.

Angel Mar said...

Nice draws!

Pokeberry Mary said...

If you like vibrant colors--- Inktense by derwent I think it is-- its a colored pencil but also a water color pencil--so you get really intense colors and you can spread them around with a wet brush to look like paint. I love mine. They're a little spendy, I have 12--which is a good selection. :) I would Love to indulge in a bigger set though. I use mine a lot they are my fav. colored pencils these days.