Monday, October 21, 2013

Using cinder-blocks to make a small succulent garden

Pictures soon.  I have felt so wiped out the past few days, and haven't had much energy to spare.  I just realized that it may be related to Diet Coke withdrawal.  Less caffeine.  I have been drinking more herbal tea (Lemon Zinger) and hot apple ciders.  I MUST NEED CAFFEINE! Ran completely out of the Diet Coke a few days ago and have also been trying to drink just more plain old good old-fashioned WATER. After a deep relaxing sleep tonight I will be ready for a few cups of coffee! LOL.

I am arranging the cinder-blocks that used to be part of an outdoor shelf, alongside of my driveway, and am simply filling the holes with cactus soil and adding succulents. We had had a week of really nice cool, dry air and now it is back to hot and humid.  My husband even came home from work exhausted.  Today was his first day working in the field, and the heat and humidity really got to him.  He works half the year inside the office, and half outside. Luckily the outside half is during the cooler time of year.  It just hasn't quite reached that point yet.

I went over and weeded my Moms whole huge front garden today too (along with my brother), which has aided my exhaustion by this evening.  Afterward, I went inside Moms house and looked through a huge box of family pictures from over the years, and found some of the ones involving my Dads side of the family.  My brother and I (and hopefully, my sister) will be attending my Dad's sisters 90th birthday party this year in Iowa, and it will also be a nice family reunion.  I think I found the most perfect thing today.  A picture of my Uncle (who is also 90), with my Dad, and Aunt and they are in their 20's and they are on the beach flexing their muscles like muscle men!  It is hilarious and I think it may be a picture possibly none of the family has seen before. (It was taken before any of us cousins were ever born). I am going to get it enlarged and put onto a canvas.  I think everyone will enjoy it.  It is PRICELESS!!!

The Windows 8 doesn't bother me much, as I basically skip over the screen of APPS, and click onto the desktop and voila...just a normal setting for me. I'm glad.  I was a little worried I would hate it, and it's OK.

Well, I hope to show you my new mini succulent garden when I get it done.  I wish a cold snap would blow through tonight!
xoxo- Julie


Cindy said...

That picture of your dad & sibs from the old days sounds really neat. I'd love to see it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your new cinder block succulent garden.

Claude said...

Giving up diet coke is a great idea... the artificial sweeteners inn there have been linked to some very frightening health issue. I personally know someone who developed symptoms of MS, which disappeared when she switched from diet sodas to ice tea. Actually, ice tea has enough caffeine to help with the withdrawal.. the homemade version is also a good anti oxidant and cheap! Can't wait to see the cinder block garden

Simone Felic said...

Tome café somente na primeira parte do dia, e depois chá pra relaxar, depois mostra como vai ficar as suculentas no concreto.

shirley said...

Looking forward to seeing your new succulent garden. The photo of your dad is a priceless memory of times past.
Good on you for giving up diet coke. I dont drink soft drink of any kind only water and am better for it....oh forgot the odd glass of wine but I only drink that for the antioxidents...:)