Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just sowed some parsley and guess what?

My California Giant Zinnia seeds are sprouting after 2 days!!!!  I saw 2 are up already! Goodness. They are vigorous and I hope they will all be that way! I will get a pic after a few more start to come up (let's pray)!!!!!

Here is what I planted and sowed today:
My cousin over in Lakeland, Florida, has Black Swallowtail eggs on parsley. I decided to try. I found these seeds at Ace Hardware. I hope the butterflies are not particular as to what kind of parsley they like! LOL. The purslane and portulaca were just so beautiful in the garden center at Home Depit yesterday. The look kinda shabby at the moment after just getting them in the ground, but I will get pictures when they look pretty again! One has all neon pink blooms, and one has neon red, orange, and yellow blooms! What a display!  I am hoping all the lizards in my "lizard hotel" will not find them attractive to eat! We shall see! If they do eat them, maybe they will become brightly colored! Hehe. Just kidding....but stranger things have happened!!!!

Happy Hump Day (Wednesday)!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your zinnias and portulaca will be so pretty. You got the right parsley. If there are any blackswallowtails around you will have them in your garden. It is such fun to watch them grow. Your Grands will learn about the life cycles of butterflies. :)

shirley said...

Hi julie i grow my parsley so i always have it to add to my spag bol. I have the flat and curly breeds.

Julie said...

thx for telling me that this parsley is the right one!!!! I plan on putting a crysalis in a butterfly house so we can watch!!!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks and have a great weekend.

I love growing my own parsley. I can not grow them in the garden, they just get eaten. I need to grow them in a container and I find that is easier and it seem I use the herbs more. They are just outside my back door.
Happy Gardening.
Bobbie Lynn

Pokeberry Mary said...

flat is the one that tastes good. I grow it here but keep the pots in a shady area cuz it goes to seed in heat.. but if you want butterflys thats probably ok.

Willow said...

We have parsley out mainy for our butterfly friends too . lol

Serena Lewis said...

They will look awesome once they've perked up a bit. I hope the parsley attracts the swallowtails. :)

cosmosandcleome said...

I love Purslane and try to get some for my containers every year. Good luck with the butterflies. I recently bought a fennel plant at our farmers' market just because it had a black swallowtail caterpillar on it! (It was only $1). The caterpillar munched half the plant and then formed a chrysalis. Today the chrysalis was wiggling and looks subtly different, so I'm hoping we get a butterfly soon!