Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Newest zinnias and roses!

Hi everyone! 
First a few roses! This is my red and white stripy mini rose. Sometimes it is striped all over, and sometimes just portioned petals. It is a mixed up mess, and I love the unpredictability of it!
A bunch of red ones (minis) all coming out to play together!
And now for some new and older zinnias!
This one is from my newest batch of Lilliput seeds:
Another view:
This is a sideways big 'ol fluffy sideways view of one that has been open a few weeks!!!!!!!  Hello mama!!!
A new bright orange that looks to be filling out nicely! In my favorite color, non-the-less!!!
A different view with a ton of mini yellow roses lurking behind!
This is a brand spankin' new pink baby!
A brand new orange baby. Who knows if they will fill out with more layers. Some do, and some don't. I just have to have undivided love for all. ;)
That's all for today. Been staying busy around here, and planning a little summer trip which has kept me out of trouble!  Keep me busy, and I seem to be happiest of all. I am so grateful for my flowers that spring forth with such exuberance and no matter what goes on in life, they are my rocks and in darkest hours, they can restore my joy. A true gift from God!



Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love zinnias. Your roses look so pretty too. Are they all minature?

Julie said...

Lisa-Yes all miniature roses in my tires! i used to have regular tea roses in the garden at front of house, but I gave them all to my brother as I wanted to replace with ever blooming hibiscus!!! i miss them sometimes!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hello Julie,
Your mini rose are looking wonderful. They do look very happy. What sweet looking zinnia there. Love the colors. Very happy flower.
I'm having trouble this year with sowing zinnias. They do not want to sprout. Maybe this year I will not have them in the garden. There is always next year.
How fun, planning a trip. : )
Bobbie Lynn

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

We planted our zinnia garden this year and they are so bright and cheery! Yours are beautiful!

shirley said...

Love that stripey rose. Always have a soft spot for zinnias. Your colours are so bright and gay.
Enjoy your holiday trip Julie.