Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scandinavian star ?????

For some strange reason I was thinking of Pam over at:  Gingerbread and Snowflakes blog (
as I made my first crocheted star ornament in red and white! Does it look Scandinavian to you? 
 Pattern at:
A red tropical hibiscus flower for you all this morning. Our lovely gardening season is just starting down here in south Florida! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
XOXO- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

From snowflakes to hibiscus blossoms is quite the swing of things. Both are pretty.

Teri Casper said...

Yes it does remind me of Pam.
Yes,it does look Scandinavian.
Yes, it oes look like a star ornament.
Right on Julie!
Love the flower.

Pam Harris said...

Oh it is beautiful! And I love it! You know me so well! The thought occurred that one crocheted in blue and white would be gorgeous for Hanukkah! Thank you for thinking of me Julie!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie
Scandinavian red and white is always a pretty Christmas theme. I like the crocheted pattern you are making.

Your hibiscus flower is a pretty color. Have you used the flowers to make tea? I hope you have a wonderful garden season. Happy Saturday!
Blessings : )

Penny said...

You are very clever to be able to crochet, I can't !

Kathryn said...

Love your Scandinavian Star! :) Red and white always look very much like Scandinavian Christmas to me. Very cute! :)

Deb said...

Love the granny star, it does resemble the red and white Scandinavian luminaries on the gingerbread and snowflake site.

Gina said...

I love the snowflake crochet Julie. Very Scandinavian.

My Little Family: said...

looks Scandinavian to me!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Beautiful - you are so talented!