Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Going cukoo over tea wallets!

I am having so much fun making these things!  This one is for a friend.  I made another one for my SIL for her birthday, but forgot to take photos. If she can get me a shot of it, I will post it. Hers turned out very cutely too!
 I have learned a few good tricks to help with the process. One is to NOT use a hair elastic for the closure.  They are round and much harder to sew in and have stay in place. I am using thin flat elastic now. You can get it in white or black and it lays flat. If you take about 5-6 passes over it with the sewing machine, it won't go anywhere. The other trick is to try to get the corners pushed out as well as you can to sew a smoother top stitching around the whole thing.
This particular wallet (I am about to reveal a secret here), I had sewn all the way around the outside edge with beige thread.  Well, it looked great on the inside where the pockets were a lighter color, but on the outside, where the background was black, you could see the smallest of little stitch messes.  Well, here is how I corrected it.  I used a thin line black permanent Sharpie pen and basically colored the stitches black!!!!! It worked like a it looks so much more professional.  And adorable, I might add! Check it out in the photos!!!!
I did not get my corners turned well, and that was what caused the sloppy looking stitches.  I need to find a way to do it well.
Once again the free pattern is here:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think it looks great! Good job.

Teri Casper said...

These are so darn cute and so useful. And how clever of you to color the threads black!

Happy thanksgiving Julie, to you and all the family.

My Little Family: said...

I believe I could make the pockets taller and thinner and fill it with those instant coffee packets from Starbucks. Or instead of tea maybe 4 gift cards! Love all the ideas you have given me - thanks!

Deb said...

The tea wallets look great

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love these!!!! Perfect for gifting :)