Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY Washi Tape

Anyone who loves washi tape will love this video!  I will make some very soon!  Can't wait!  I already have EVERYTHING needed!  How lucky is that?  Enjoy!!!!!


Jessica P said...

Julie that is cute!


Lisa Greenbow said...

How do you use this tape? I haven't heard of it before. At least I have never seen it made before. Do you make your own?

walk2write said...

Fascinating process! The lady sure knows her Washi tape. Whatever it is:) Now you've got me curious.

Julie said...

Lisa- YES, I have started making my own! I love the store bought very much as it is very beautiful, but the creative side of me loves making my own special tapes!

Walk to Write- buy some washi tape at Target or craft store, and then you can see how nice it is to use decoratively on cards, calendars, planners, packages, etc.