Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I have been tagged by Judi at Cranberry Blossom to share 7 secrets about myself! I think I have done this before, so now I must think of 7 more secrets that you may not know about me. LOL. Lets see.....

1. I love Jimmie John subs! They have the most wonderful sub bread!!! They are very fresh, and I just finished eating one! I also love their jalepeno chips! They are exceedingly crunchy!

2. I am exercising on a Wii these days! WiiFit is so fun and you actually WANT to do more as more and more games, yoga, and exercises as more games are opened up for you!

3. I love two shows on Nickelodeon Channel that are made for a middle/high school mentality...but in our house my husband and I watch with our daughter...both are comedy shows and very clean and cute. They are called Drake and Josh, and I Carly.

4. I am once again hooked on the new season of American Idol. Period. Hubby and I plan dinner around it. LOL.

5. I have a small fake firplace that I just love! I let the fake fire burn even in the summer with the ac on, and pretend it is cold outside!

6. I love to burn Glade candles...they burn clean and all smell great!

7. I like to make new things out of old things. One reason I love thrift shopping so much!

and one more for good luck.

8. When my husband retires, I hope to either work in a fabric shop, or a library. I guess it depends on what we can afford. I won't give up my "day job" too quickly!

Any bloggers who wish to participate in this tag, please do so, and let me know so I can come over and read your secrets!!!



Claude said...


But I was hoping you knew where jimmy hoffa was buried...


Cathy said...

1) I am hooked on CSI shows and
2) Love my dogs to death
3) I like the challenges of growing
the most difficult plants
4) I am hooked on KFC hot wings
5) my all time favorite food is Korean food (Since I am Half Korean)
6) I am stuck on Country Music
7) Love to talk with other Bloggers
and To blog.
8) I love to spend time with my family
(Not much of secrets here )
Thought I'd share...

yoon see said...

I do agree with you Julie. It's to strike a balance. Having a good day give us the stable income. May you continue to dream big and fulfil your dream to set up a fabric shop, or a library.
If I stay near your area, surely I will buy from you.
I love to visit library too.

Julie said...

Claude- you BIG secrets here!!! Hee hee hee!

Cathy- you have about as many secrets as I do!!!

Yoon See- looking forward to my library days!!! LOL.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ilike your new background Julie. Interesting things you wrote about yourself. I find that a difficult task.

I like the drawing at the beginning too.

soulbrush said...

i love learning new things about my bloggy friends...and wow your new look is sooo good!

Pudgeduck said...

I'm hooked on American Idol!!! I would have to list food first! We have a lot in common!!!!

marianne said...

I enjoyed this one and after a sad day I realy LOL about the fake fireplace with the AC!!!!
Thanks for that!
I love these facts about people!
And it was fun to learn more about you.