Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, God, such succulent (plant) love! LOL!

Mr. Buddha had to come in for a little bath tonight! I wanted to show you my dark Buddha. My light Buddha is out by the succulent tires, but this guy sits in the screenroom, and I hate to tell you that he was covered with the little pellets that the nasty lizards leave around! Sadly! Well...not covered, exactly, but had a few around on his shoulders! LOL. Anyway, now he is all clean and pretty and emitting love again!

Here are some pics I took tonight when I got home from work. I was encouraged to try and get a good shot of one of the aloe blooms, and I was actually successful! (Last pic). THe others are just all so pretty I had to show them.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening and Friday!


Cathy said...

cool... love the red colors
have a great evening yourself!

Cindy said...

What is the second plant from the bottom?

My Little Family: said...

Yoy just gotta share those cute photos of Mardi Gras Doozey with the blogisphere!

Aiyana said...

That's the fattest Buddha I've ever seen. I want one just like that. Have you noticed how hard it is to get photos of aloe flowers? It takes me 40 tries to get a clear photo. I don't know what it is about them--maybe the camera picks up the background to focus on--but whatever the reason, it is incredibly difficult!

messyfish said...

thats a great buddha!

soulbrush said...

lordy lordy lordy what lovely photos. your budda is so special. and btw am so glad your family is coming home soon...yippeeee.

Julie said...

Aiyana- Yes, we have talked about the elusiveness of the aloe bloom to photograph! I was surprised this one turned out as good as it did!!! I tried to get as dark a background as possible. :)

Stapeliad said...

Yay for the buddha bath!

The photos are all lovely but the second from the last...WOW! That's my fave.

marianne said...

Wonderful Buddha Julie! (and so nice and clean :))

You are good with your succulents!
have a nice weekend