Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cactus Monday!

Several family members and my friend and I have all started walking in a natural area, either in a state or county park...every day (or close to it) after work, or around 5-5:30pm every day! This weekend we visited a beach park, and we found these interesting white balls in bushes, which Lisa, from Artsy Endeavors I.D.'d for me as Button Bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis).
Buttonbush is a woody shrub (3-10 feet tall) that occasionally grows into a small tree and can be found above water or in water up to 4 feet deep. It has shiny dark-green spear-or egg-shaped pointed leaves 3 to 6 inches long. The leaves are opposite or whorled in 3's or 4's along the stem. Flowers of buttonbush are easily identified by their greenish-white tube flowers in dense ball-shaped clusters about 1 inch in diameter. Seed heads are brown.
Isn't it neat??? Thanks Lisa!!!

And some wildly growing Opuntia species all in and about the natural dunes.

It was a neat walk, for sure!
Happy Cactus Monday to all my blogger friends!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That cactus looks wicked with those long spines. Happy Cactus Monday. That first bush looks like Button Bush to me. ??

Hermes said...

Looks like such a good walk.

deepazartz said...

The white blooms are really pretty...very unique.

Happy Cactus Monday!

This is my cactus entry here:

Outside In said...

Nice! Happy Cactus Monday!

I did a post too and you have to see the new cactus I bought it's really

Claude said...

What a cool bush!

And what fun cactus. Here, 5 to 5.30 is the hottest time of the day, at least during the summer, so nobody is taking many walks. But it sounds like a great idea to get some fresh air and exercise.

Teri C said...

Those cacti seem to grow everywhere!! Who would have thought a beach!

Lisa is so knowledgeable about plants! Thank goodness for people like her.

Thanks also for the note about Cathy.


Diane C. said...

That Button Bush is neat looking. I've never seen it before. It reminds me of the bottle brush bush but with a different shape and color. I also like your picture of the Opuntia growing in the wild. Happy Cactus Monday!

yoon see said...

It's such a delight discovering joy through walking and you have just discovered the undiscover....greeny cactus and some beautiful wild flowers.
Happy Cactus Monday dear Julie:)

Darla said...

Sounds and looks like a neat walk!

Lynn said...

HCM...lovely ones you have there and cute kids on side bar too. ;-)

studio lolo said...

I want a button bush :)

Great shots from your walk.

Pouty Lips said...


walk2write said...

It's great to walk regularly, my favorite exercise, and there's always something or someone interesting along the way. Prairie Rose has an interesting pic of a prickly pear cactus in bloom. Keep up the good work!

Margaret Ann said...

A nature walk at the end of the day is aperfect was to de-stress...finding these natural beauties is hidden treasure for sure! Great shots! HCM!

soulbrush said...

this is what i envy about your life, you see these for real!! all i see is london streets! hcm fellow cactuteer!

Flying Colors said...

These Button Bush balls are great! Fun and Happy!
Very glad that you take these walk and show us all these goodies! Thank You Julie and HCM!

Secret Aging Man (SAM) said...

I am amazed by those prickly pear cati - we have found them everywhere we live, no matter how cold or hot the climate! The pictures of the grandkids ejoying the easter eggs were great. Our gradson, Micah enjoyed his first (walking)easter egg hunt this year at our house and it was a blast!

Aiyana said...

That Buttonbush is an interesting shrub. Never heard of it before. Seems there is some species of Opuntia growing everywhere in the world. It seems to take extreme temps on both ends--hot and cold. I guess when it finds middle ground, it can become invasive.

marianne said...

What beautiful find Julie!!!
Love the white balls!


Savvy Mode SG said...

walking is so much better than running.

Florida Sue said...

Hi Julie, I hope you are having a good week. We actually had Buttonbush growing beside a marshy area at our home in Canada. I guess it gets around! Good for you with your daily walking. My rescue dog adoption day is coming close. We are just waiting for a home visit. I can't wait. I hope he/she is as cute as Doozey!

Big Hug,

Judi said...

Sounds like so much fun walking and exploring along the way with friends...good for you.
You did find some great plants..thank you for sharing.
I hope your weather is good...I'm sure it is. Marc was in Miami for 3 days this week and it was lovely weather.
We're supposed to have a nice warm weekend can't wait!
Thank you for the well wishes for my mom. She is feeling better..bit by bit.
have a lovely evening

Tootsie said...

hey beautiful!!! I have missed you!!!!! guess what I found in a book the other day? A SUCCULENT BIRD HOUSE!!!!! I am going to scan it and post it for you next week if I get enough time!!!! There is a tonne of interesting and super cool stuff about your favorite type of plants....I will make it up and let you know...
have a good weekend friend!

Julie said...

Thanks Tootsie!!!!! Sounds great! Can't wait to see! :)