Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's 4 o'clock in the morning!

Here is one thing you can choose to do when you wake up at 4 am. Doodle with your Sharpie pens. Draw some birds out of your Birds of North America book, and hum an old Elton John classic, and try to remember the words and what the actual title to the song is...Oh it is called "Someone saved my Life Tonight"!!!

Been listening to a new radio channel here in the's called Magic 102.7 FM. It plays songs from the 60's and 70''s a lot of fun for a baby boomer, such as myself...I remember all of the words and can sing along just like it was yesterday. Helps me feel like I really can remember words, so I don't have to say just any old word that comes out of my mouth...not the correct one, but just the one that happens to come out at any given moment!! If you are not over 50, you probably won't know what I am talking about. My friend says she has a new way to talk...whatever word comes out as she is speaking, she does not try to come up with the correct word, she just keeps on talking...and we laugh because we know it SHOULD be a different word, and generally I know what she meant to say, and vice versa...ha ha ha. The fun of aging. YEAH. Sure. But at least we can still have fun...we aren't quite to the Alzheimers stage yet...just slightly word deficient at times. But getting back to the radio's a good thing...lot's of memories of middle school and high school years for me associated with these songs.

So I'm sure I have heard this Elton John song on Magic 102.7 sometime recently, and it quite easily jumped into my head when I found myself wide awake and unable to get back to sleep at 4 am. I decided I like the DAMN IT part of the's what comes to mind at these times. I also wonder if that is why I sometimes can't come up with a correct word...could it be sleep deprivation????? I say women of the world should really up online in the middle of the night to play cards, or games of some sort. I'm actually sure some of us are doing that even now. Maybe this will become my new world...the silent, solitary nighttime world of online games, while the rest of the world sleeps...soundly...nice long hours...all rested and beautiful each morning...and here I come, all dogged out! LOLOL.

Welcome to a happy Saturday everyone!!! Now...let me go have a nap!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am in a weird sleep cycle right now Julie. I feel your pain. UGH.
It's those 50's and I am not refering to music.

My Little Family: said...

I had 3 nights like that this week - menopause sucks.

We get that channel here too! I mostly listen to NPR & smooth Jazz but magic is programmed on my dial too.

My fav Elton John song is Daniel. Sometimes I go to lyric sites on the web to learn the "real" words, LOL.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thanks Julie and I did give him a big kiss from Aunt Julie. Oh, and if you came to my door and asked him “Kelvin, lets go bye-bye”, he would go. He is just a love muffin. Your drawings are very good at 4:00 a.m. Yes, get back to bed its way too early. Hope you have a great weekend.

Brad Gailey said...

I found your quiz on Marianne's blog. I posted my responses on my blog.


marianne said...

Two days ago I was awake at 4 o clock and completed my list (the one you did also).
yesterday I worked at 4 o clock. I hope tonight I will sleep like a baby (I have been sleeping most of the day already....)

Have a nice nap Julie!
Nice song!

Teri C said...

You are so funny Julie!! I can relate to everything you said. Great-looking birds!!!

Serena said...

My son is a huge Elton John fan and knows most of his songs by heart. I LOVE getting up early in the morning. It's usually my time to be alone and maybe paint or catch up with emails and blogs. I think you put your early start to wonderful creative use, Julie.

Quite often, I will be singing words that aren't actually the words in the song but I've misinterpreted the artist's pronunciation. It always gives my kids a good laugh though ~ :)

Pudgeduck said...

I can't even take a nap! Wide awake all day, after wide awake most all the night! Someday it will catch up with me! I mostly just watch TV.

soulbrush said...

4 am? do you usually have insomnia? poor you, but i do like the birdies.

Aiyana said...

When I can't sleep, I do something similar, except I get up and look up lyrics on the computer, then open my iTunes and scroll through all the songs. Don't play 'em, just scroll through the various genera. Last night I looked up the Spanish to English translation to an old favorite, La Bamba.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get to sleep sometimes. It's usually when I having something coming up and I am obsessing about it. I end up posting at 3am or some ungodly hour. I have had Do Wa Diddy running in my brain for about two days now. "There she comes just a walkin' down the street, blah blah blah and shuffling her feet. Julie we've just lost our minds. Admit it.

yoon see said...

I don't have that problem and really understand your problem, it will be sleepy in the day later if you don't get enough sleep.
May be can grab a hot chaocolate or milk. This will lead you to sleep faster and better.
Cute birds with individual characters!

Anonymous said...

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