Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We went to a shark exhibit and got to see nurse sharks feed. It was interesting. I did not know that the reason nurse sharks got their name is that when they come up to get food, they make a very tremendous sucking sound, hence the name "nurse". Hmmm... Anyway my daugher and grandson loved posing for this pic!!!

The kids are recieving both of their household goods shipments tomorrow and can get their apartment put together. It is a very exciting time for them. They have already bought a few peices of furniture and got them in there, so I suppose they just need groceries and supplies and they will be in business!!!

I took my grandson for a walk around the block tonight and when we got to my Moms yard all of her sprinklers were on. I took his shoes off and and he had such a ball running through all of them! This is one little boy that NEVER runs out of energy! We came back home to pizza and he ate a peice and some ice cream and just crashed! He was so tired. Today was his second day of pre-K school and he had a better day than the 1st day. Each day will get easier once he meets the kids and starts to have a lot of fun. He participated today and came home with all kinds of stories!

I started the day with needing to fix my a/c in the car. It was pouring rain. I had to end up taking a rental car at the dealership cause it was a leak in my condenser and had to be replaced...luckily my warranty covered it. They had it ready by 2pm. The rain only lasted in the morning then it cleared up nicely!

Hey have you seen the hurricane reports on Bill out in the Atlantic??? I wonder where he will end up!!! I hope not here. Keep your fingers crossed it stays out over open water and leaves!!!

Hope everyone had a lovely hump day (Wednesday)!


Claude said...

Good luck to your family in their new home... the first thing that you'll notice is that it's too quiet in yours. Of course doozey will probably be glad to get all of your attention again.

soulbrush said...

tee hee i used to call it 'hump day' too but no one here in merry ole england knew what i was talking about. look at that donovan grow! he is such a cutie pie...I bet you will be glad of some rest as much as you love them all.... tee hee

Diane AZ said...

Ha ha, great picture of daughter and grandson at the shark exhibit! Interesting how nurse sharks got their name. I hope hurricane Bill stays far away from you. Hurricanes are something we don't have to worry about in my landlocked town.

Lynn said...

Fun to see your family and I wish them well in moving into the new digs.
cute grandson and aren't they fun to be with? Going to see mine tomorrow.
Hope you are safe from all bad weather.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Are you in count down mode for the big move?? Your house will seem quiet.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
oh I hope Hurrican Bill doesn't come anywhere close to you...or anyone. We had a horrific thunderstorm last night and it came right across Lake Ontario to the cottage here in the states...we had some tornadoes touching not too far away.

Oh my I can see just how very excited you are about having your kids back home. I'm so happy for you. The pictures are darling.

Thats not nice about your car but great job that you don't have to pay for it and it happened while you did have warranty.

Have a great weekend.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Good to hear that your daughter and family are getting settled and also you get to have some fun time with them. Have a great weekend.

Tootsie said...

you won't know what to do when they are gone!!! good luck to them in their new home...I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. I have been away a lot the last two weeks, and have not had a chance to get all the way around my blog list...mostly just replying to other comments! I will be more regular as soon as things calm down!

Florida Sue said...

Julie I am just so happy that you have your brood under your wing again. Germany is just way too far and I remember how much you wanted o be there when your granddaughter was born. Things have a way of working out don't they? You always told me are pretty dang smart.


Bethany said...

Great pic. How fun for the kids. Fingers crossed.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hehehehe....... What a fun photo! jan