Saturday, August 15, 2009

Staying busy!

We are staying busy here playing and having fun with the kids and grands!

Donovan after shopping on a hot day! Heis a trooper!

Refreshing bathtime! They are so sweet together...Donovan very tender with his sister, Emily!

He loves his new hat that his Aunt Lynn and Uncle Doug gave him! He likes to wear it backwards, but it is a really neat hat...a Guy Harvey fish hat! He has the matching tee shirt also!

Emily June being a little cutie pie!

We are just playing and having a great time with this really neat family, and we are so grateful that they are home from Germany and out of the Army, and now they can move into the next chapter of their lives!

Hope everyone is well.

I bought myself a new colored pencil roll up case and a little Strathmore sketchbook for my purse. Of course I haven't had time to try anything yet. I have talked to a watercolor instructor and am looking to start a beginner class on a few weeks, on Saturday mornings! I am really excited. She is just finishing up her last class, and then the newbies start. Wish me luck!


Ginny said...

Oh my babies are soooooo precious in these pictures!

Claude said...

Those kids are cute as both just as cute as a bug in a rug. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it's what Grandma always said, so there we go... Emily June needs a modeling contract!

You need to get back to your art work though... maybe you and Donovan can have an art day?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such sweet Grands. Who is this Guy Harvey person?? This is the second time I have seen his name lately. I feel so out of it not knowing who it is. I am gathering that he is a designer?.

Tootsie said...

OH GIRL....they are just gorgeous!!!!

Teri C said...

Oh Julie, they are just ADORABLE!! They look so happy and fun loving!

Pudgeduck said...

Your cute grand babies look so happy to be with you!!!

marianne said...

Youre too busy with nice things!!!
Your grandkids are wonderful. that girl is sooooo sweet!
No wonder you enjoy their company!

Make every moment count Julie!

Bobbie Lynn said...


The are soooooooo adorable. Thank you for sharing them with us.

yoon see said...

They looks fantastic in pair!
Ha..Ha..Loving the water bath!

yoon see said...

They are just too cute and I love their friendlyness.
Even so young, they know how to say hello!
Thanks Julie, you are so lucky to have such adorable grand children:)

Serena said...

Awwww....such sweet pics of your grandkids, Julie! I love Emily June's smile in the last one.

Judi said...

They are sooo sweet. I love the bath picture too!
So where will they be living? Close to you? How wonderful for you all..*hugs*