Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

How many hours are in a day? I sure wish there were more! (I think)! Maybe less would be better, eh??? We have been very busy here... hanging out with the grandkids, and having so much amazing fun with them! Joy, pure, joy!

My plants are all living despite not getting the collards transplanted, and basically ignoring the succulents...especially the ones in the screenroom! Maybe I will walk out there this evening and give them all a wee bit to drink!

I am SO in the mood to make an altered journal. I found a childrens board book that has a handle built in and want to do one with my grandson...he loves Thomas the Train...and I found a Lional Train set catalog with all sorts of train sets (I bought it for 3 dollars at a hobby shop)...we could use these images to paste and he could draw backgrounds and add people and trees, etc. He loves the one on one and doing art. He is such a fun boy!

I did end up pitching the pineapple top I was going to root...I just decided it wasn't interesting enough! Hee hee hee...I know I am so weird!!! Sometimes certain plants are like that to me though...just can't get excited! Do you know what I mean???

I added a cute pic of Emily in the sidebar tonight....she had had her bath and I peiced together something for her to wear to bed...she looked adorable so I had to take a pic!


Stapeliad said...

Julie, I love how your joy radiates through this post.


Evelyn Howard said...

Hey Julie
Sometimes I cant decide if I want more or less hours in a day either! Maybe if we all need less sleep, that would be a good start...

I have a slight problem of space, too little on the balcony! I've just been to the garden centre, and I saw an amazing aloe - oh woe!!! I cannot have it :( Now, if I have a screenroom...

An altered journal? When you make it, would you upload please. I have no idea what it is, but sounds like fun.

I've got a number of "projects" which I abandoned becoz I got bored, so I can relate to your pitching the pineapple top.

I had a chuckle looking at Emily's pic - that dress is adorable, way too pretty to just wear to bed I think!

Take care Julie,

marianne said...

remember those 40 minutes eh!
Glad to are having a creative urge again!
And Emily is just too cute!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun to do art with your Grandson. You are making such wonderful memories for him. Emily is so cute.

Bobbie Lynn said...

A very cute pic of Emily.

Chris said...

Hi Julie! I am so glad you're getting fun time with your darling grandkids!

I think an altered journal would be such fun too! Too bad about the pineapple. But, I would agree that we just don't have room for things that don't inspire us, do we?

Have a wonderful day! Chris

Teri C said...

Julie, you sound so happily busy and happy period. So good to see happy and busy.

Love those jammies.

Doing an altered book with the grandson sounds like perfect fun!! Take photos please.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Well you have been putting your plants on the back burner while you are out and about having fun with your grandkids. It sounds like you bring each other so much joy. Do their parents both work? Are you looking after them or they are close enough that you get to spend so much time with them? I know they were living close.
You are so lucky...and I'm glad you are so happy.

Well your weather isn't very warm either. I had heard that on the news. My mom is coming to West Palm beach again from the end of January to the beginning of April like she did last year. Hopefully the weather will improve for you all. It was quite windy and a lot of coolness when she was there last year also...but you don't have to shovel it!

Have a great evening and week...

yoon see said...

Hello Julie,

Same here, I wish I could have more time!
Woke up at 7 and I start dropping EC, answering & reply emails, visit blogs at 8.30pm and now it almost 12 noon.
Yeah, half a day gone....
My brother also ask me to finished up my craft project so that we cansell them before CNY.
Really busy!

Altered journal sounds great!
I always love to see beautiful handmade. Handmade let us unlash our creativity and talent, as well as enjoying creating.
Hope you have fun yeah Julie!
Just do whatever we can!

I am always behind time, I wish I have more time....

Serena said...

I know what you mean, Julie....the time sure does fly....half the day is gone before I know it. It sounds like you're having lots of fun though. I have a couple of kids' board books I bought last year with the intention of repainting them....I will get around to day. lol

Pudgeduck said...

I made one altered book a couple years ago for Halloween. It was pretty good! I should try again! All my plants also are living despite my neglect! Your GKids are adorable-Donavan reminds me of my G-son at that age- have that special sweetness about them.......