Saturday, January 9, 2010

Early morning!

Looking out the sliding glass door, I see a few more blooms on the Christmas Cactus this morning. That is a thing of beauty that I am thankful for! This morning, Emily and I are watching Wonder Pets on TV. We already had a dog food disaster (spilled everywhere), and a clothing issue (ran out of warm clothes for her, so now she is wearing a summer dress with her jacket on while Grandma does a quick little wash load). Oh, we also had a diaper issue, where one side had come undone (faulty tab), and the pee pee was leaking everywhere! It has been an interesting morning. Keeping a baby is a combination of, laughs, and work, for sure. My eye has to be on her at all times...little sneak! She is having her snack now in her high chair. It is hard to contain her unless she is in her chair. I have a playpen, but I doubt she would be happy in it. She wants her freedom!!!

I am hoping to keep my third eye on her today and make some sort of something with my one thousand pens! Let's see if it happens!!! LOL.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I KNOW I will!!! Oh, and to all my blogger friends who are strugling with sadness or depression this season...please hang in there, get some natural sunlight, eat healthy, stay warm, and get love! Soon we will have longer days, and no snow on my northern friends. I have all of you in my thoughts and pray the best for you all.
xoxo- Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have a good weekend Julie. I know you will be busy.

Hortist said...

no comments, just good morning :)

Stapeliad said...

Ah, adventures with babies! I guess Doozey wanted to contribute to the mayhem too. :)

Those flowers are stunning.

And Soup! How funny, the recipe I made is from the CPK cookbook. I haven't been there in a few years, and the last time I had their soup they had changed the recipe. Or maybe they stopped puree-ing it. The one I make is their older version, and the one I prefer. It's pretty easy to make.

I also make their spinach artichoke dip a few times a year. It's also easy, there are just a lot of ingredients. YUM.


Claude said...

When I worked for the magazine, I once had to take care of my Sr. Editors little girl in the office for a week to to Child Care issues... no playpens, no baby chairs... nothing... I put the two office couches against the walls and made a corral for her, and my desk was right by it... I could write on the computer, keep an eye on the kid, and she had plenty of room to play with her toys. It worked out pretty well...

Evelyn Howard said...

Hey Julie, Great that you are cheerful after all those disasters! In fact, in sounds like you are having a fun time - good on you :).

I forgot about depression. Of course, it's winter in the northern hemisphere. My best wishes to everyone...

Have a lovely weekend, Evelyn

Ps. love the photo of yr table in the previous post. Looks like a nice space.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh my, you did have a busy morning. Have a wonderful weekend.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Keep warm. Wow, I feel guilty here. Sorry : (

Lynn said...

Let the dog food spill,
Let the clothes spin and wash,
Let the pee pee dribble hiether and yon,
With a grandbaby like this
nothing else matters
but that smile
that freedom loving
to chase after
hold and hug
and let go again.
Good luck with the third eye watching!

Haddock said...

and to all my blogger friends who are strugling with sadness or depression this season...please hang in there, get some natural sunlight, eat healthy, stay warm, and get love!................
like that.

Pudgeduck said...

Ditto on the above! cute poem Lynn!

Julie said...

Lynn...the poem is priceless!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!

marianne said...

Hahaha. I see the picture before me!
Hope your third eye is able to rotate because you will need eyes in the back of your head as well!

HCM! Your Christmas Cactus is wonderful