Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garden girl, green shake, and some birds!!!

This morning, I went out in the garden with Emily June in her diaper to play in water and fertilize my plants. She had a wonderful time with the hose and little wheelybarrow, and watering can. Everything got an over abundance of flooding!!! Heeheehee. Oh well...a few broken kale stems, eh...who cares when we girls are playin!!!

My DIL came out to sit with us, and I told her I had seen Montel Williams on TV promoting a food emulsifier, and a guest had made a "green" shake and had included a handful of greens into it, but by adding a lot of pale colored items (banana and apples), PLUS throwing in a few blueberries...the shake came out a darker purple color...and you would not even realize there was green stuff in it! That made us start talking about trying it, so I got up and went inside and blended up the following items in my Vitamix: ice, water, fresh strawberries, some jarred pears, fresh kale leaves just cut from the garden, and one small probiotic yogurt. The shake was PURPLE...I guess the light green and the red from the strawberries made that shade. I poured a nice glass for all three of us, and OH...wait...I forgot to tell you that I added another SECRET ingredient (also just cut from the garden)...a small eggplant, skin and all. That added the purple from the skin too! We could not taste ANY eggplant flavor, and the kale only added a sort of fresh taste! So...all in all, we agreed that we really liked it and that we will try and make them for breakfast each morning!!! Just think of all that vitamin, mineral and antioxidant activity going on!!!

Around 10am, suddenly we had an outpouring of bird activity on the new seed cake! We saw 3 female painted buntings, one red-headed woodpecker, 2 blue jays, a small grey bird that looks like either a warbler or vireo or swallow, and one female cardinal. They didn't seem to mind us, or Doozey at a distance of approx. 10 ft. away!!! That was good...because now I know I can go out with my camera and tuck away in the corner and watch!

I had a large yellow butterfly flitter past, and then land right next to Emily and I, on a large open purple morning glory, which was right next to a bright red opened red passionflower! That was too much color to take...but of course, my camera was not out there quite yet! Drat!

Here are a few bird shots from too far you can see by the quality...but I still wanted to show you some of what we saw!

Female Cardinal:

Painted buntings...both female and males:

See this well camophlaged feller just to the left of center, on the branch??? What do you think he is???

Now I know, 10 am in the magic hour!!!
Now, Miss Emily is asleep, and her Mom has left for work. Daughter is napping...she is sick. I sit with quiet time on my hands.....hmmmm...what will be next??? I may try some paper cutting...I found a book at the library!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful little girl. You are having just too much fun in the sun girl.

Lynn said...

Please give the baby this ((((((((Lynn))))))))))from me!
What a doll baby!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky you, and yes, I too would over look any broken anythings at her sweet hands.

Would Love to see a red passion flower. Only have blue/purple ones here.

All good things here! Enjoy!

Serena said...

I love the face Miss Emily is making in the second pic...too cute!

YAY for 'green' shakes! I really need to think about doing more of them too.

Seeing all your bird photos makes me miss the birds we used to enjoy when we had the bushland behind our back fence. Wonderful pics, Julie!

Jane said...

Beautiful baby and very pretty birds, good pics. Blessings jane

Judi said...

Hi Julie
What a lovely morning you had. Just lovely. Your granddaughter is beautiful. He has grown so much and how special she is there with you. I loved watching her watering...and the beautiful pictures of the birds. You have so many of them.

Aren't you lucky to be outdoors like that and taking in the beauty. I can't wait to see how your paper cutting went.

Oh your vitamin drink sounds amazing. Thats very healthy and you were able to put in some veggies from your garden too. yum!

have a lovely evening

Mandy said...

All of that was before had a busy morning! Those little expressions of hers are something else! I also would love to see the red passsion flower, it's got to be gorgeous!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Your little Emily June is just beautiful. And look at those pretty birds. Wow.

Thanks for your sweet comment. Also, I was thinking about planting some veggie around my roses, but may be tough. That is were the zinnia go. Need to start planning.
Have a great weekend.

deepazartz said...

The littlun is soooo very sweeeet:)