Sunday, February 20, 2011

New garden goodies and some of my spring growth!

My husband and I just got home from Lowes!!!!!!!

Look at this super cute birdbath, made of resin, so lightweight, and it is the same height as three tires stacked, which makes it perfect for the area! It is a mushroom birdbath with a little bunny underneath! 34 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a sucker for inexpensive, but the mushrooms really sold it (well, OK, maybe the bunny too...)

Then, check out this new item at Lowes. It is a giant seed cake holder and seed cake! It has a bottom grill too, so the little birdies have a place for their little foots!!! :)

Here it is, as nestled in brush in just the perfect location to see out my kitchen window!!! Yeehaw!!!

Mr. Stripey tomatoes here:

They should end up sort of changing from a yellow on bottom, green on top, and red in middle with an orange stripes...very interesting...I am dying to see...should be soon for these first two...
They are about 3 inches in diameter now.
A close up reveals the stripes starting to show:

Some pretty flowers in the tires:

THREE new beefy tomatoes (large for sandwiches), to take up the three buckets that the carrots were in:

The last of the carrots pulled out:

Here are some of my prolific eggplants!!! The one plant you see here with 6 in the pic, actually has TEN currently in different stages!

OK, here are some shots of my overwintered OKRA!!! 7 plants with new growth and okra production! I am so psyched!!! Now I wonder... how many years I can keep them going...???

Here are some blooms on my Mother of Trillions (I made that up)...heeheehee...but seriously, they are on the Kalenchoe in the strawberry planter!

And a close up:

It is a beautiful, clear day here...temp around 82 at 1pm, and I was so excited about all of the beauty in the garden area, I just had to show you guys! It seems I live in a paradise! This whole, big, yet very tiny world exists in a 10 x 8 patch outside my kitchen window, and it has been the best world to have, to view wildlife, especially birds, bees, lizards, and butterflies. I guess you can say I really do have a Succulent Life. Everyone can. Seeds are cheap. It's a love thing. I hope you all have the best weekend ever...full of love, people, and plants!!! xoxo- Julie


Bethany said...

Hey Julie!
I love this post. How fun to see all your growing and color. The new birdbath is fantastic. I love the bunny. Hope you can get a shot of some birds playing in it.
Thanks for the inspiration. It's still freezing and snow covered here, but I'm sure Spring is right around the corner.
Thanks for all your sweet words.
You're such a dear.

Serena said...

I'm sure the birds will enjoy their new bath...very cute! I'm seriously thinking about growing tomatoes and a few other things as food prices are rising more and more. The tomatoes look awesome as do the eggplants. YUM!

Penny said...

Love that birdbath.

Anonymous said...

That kalanchoe has some really nice blooms!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow Julie,
Love all the beautiful color in your garden. The birdbath is adorable. Wishing you a beautiful spring and hope you have wonderful growing season. I need to get my other seeds going it I want a summer garden this year. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just seeing your flowers makes me wish for warmer weather Julie. It is exciting seeing all your veggies too. It looks like the eggplant is acting like zuchinni. You have lots of it. Your new birdbath is cute as a button too. Glad you had such a good weekend.

Mandy said...

That birdbath is so cute!! Are those purplish blooms on the Mother of Trillions? My flower stalk got damaged when I was trying to cover it during the cold, so I didn't get to see them. They're gorgeous, regardless!!

Joyful said...

I am envious of your temperatures and your garden. It is still cold where I am. I love your little birdbath too. It is always so fun to watch little birds splash in the water on a hot day.

Snippety Gibbet said...

THAT is by far the coolest birdbath I have ever seen I want one!

Pokeberry Mary said...

wow! Everyone will wish they lived in florida when they see your last 2 posts. So not fair Julie! What will you do with all the little eggplants? I had a hard time coming up with enough ideas for mine last time we planted them.. boy those things deliver don't they?

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh everything is just beautiful! Makes me want to eat a salad! I really like your big shroom bird bath too!

Darla said...

Cool birdbath! We use those green cages for the suet blocks in the winter....beautiful color and lush green in your little piece of heaven.

Evelyn said...

Gorgeous parasise. Love yr plants.

donna said...

Julie, you're torturing me with your talk of Lowes and the great photos of flowers, veggies and lawn ornaments. I just knew there would be a picture of okra.

Thought of you today because I signed up for a class at a local greenhouse.....Fun With Succulents. It's not until April.

Hey, I live in paradise, too, if you call another 12" of snow in the last 24 hours paradise. ha-ha

You sound so very happy.


Joyful said...

Hi Julie, I don't see an email for you so have to ask my question here. You were kind enough to leave a suggestion about how to price the baby sweater set I made. Did you mean I should triple the cost of the materials I use when I make something in order to arrive at a selling price? thanks in advance for your help!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

What a great post Julie! Things are so springy there you lucky girl! Love the bird bath too! It is very cute. Where are you going to put it?

With all that goes on in your yard I can't believe the size. I imagined it to be huge! Your tires with beautiful flowers are such a welcome sight. And the pics of your Kalanchoe flowers is AWESOME! I can't wait for mine to get going. And I didn't know that okra just kept going like that.

Everything looks so beautiful sweetie!