Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cactus Monday Giveaway!

Sorry I am getting here just in time this evening (9:30pm, my time), on Cactus Monday to do a little giveaway! Open to anyone, wherever you live. If you can name what succulent leaf is in the picture below (this contest is open to the one that gave it to me as well, because, well...what the heck) will have your name entered in a chance to win a copy of The Prickly Pear Cookbook, by Carolyn Niethammer.

It contains 60 recipes from accomplished professional chefs from New York, California, Texas, Arizona, and even a few recipes from Israel. With full-color photos of each dish, this volume shows with mouth-watering detail how each dish is presented by it's creator.

I will leave this open until March 30., and then the names will be put in a bowl, hat, or other useful shape, and one winner will be drawn by the little kid of my choice. (One who lives in my house). It will be supervised by the JUDGE in my very own be sure of NO CHEATING!

If you are wondering why I am SOOOO late in posting this, I was at work all day today, and when I had meant to post was last night (Sunday evening), but I was too worn out after a day at a Ft Lauderdale beach park (actually Hollywood Beach, I believe), and taking my daughter and DIL to ride a wooden rollercoaster in Dania Beach (all in close proximity) on Sunday. It was so much fun...the kids LOVED the was mid 70's sunny, clear and perfect! We were very lucky to have all gotten to go at the last minute we were all available! Below are a few pics!

We were right next to the port, and at a certain hour, about 8 of these large cruise boats left for sea! I like this pic because it shows the size in relation to the huge buildings there!!!

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Mandy said...

I know, I know, but I won't tell! That would be kind of cheating I would think. Can't wait to see who the winner is though! The kids look like they're ready for the warm weather to arrive and stay for a while, I know we all are!

Teri C said...

Well, it looks so familiar but I don't know either. Nice gift for someone.

Oh the kids look like this is the best day of their life. So fun!!


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oooh how fun! The leaf is from a Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri. Pretty darn sure that is correct.

Love the pics of the kids playing on the beach and in the ocean. How fun. And I really like your picture at of the cruise boat. That is a huge ship!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't know what it is either. Looks like it could be interesting with that varigated foliage. HCM.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oh yeah, another name for it is the Donkey ear kalanchoe!

deepazartz said...

Donno the name...but the cookbook sure would be a treat for those who love those delicacies...
Love the kids' palying in the beach...just like Lil A, she LOVES the beach. The cruise ship snap is beautiful.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Oh please do add my name to the giveaway...and good luck to me! ... too!

You have been so busy and looks like you and your little ones had a great time at the beach. YOur weather continues to be beautiful!

Amazing picture of the cruise ship....I have one of those trips coming up.

I hope you have a great day...enjoy

marianne said...

What a lovely day at the beach!!!
I like that last picture it is like those buildings are on top of that cruise ship.

Lucky you to live so near the beach and to have this lovely weather already!

Pudgeduck said...

cute pictures of your adorable grand kids!!!

Darla said...

You know dang well I don't have a clue to your giveaway question...the coloring is pretty though. Looks like a great time was had at the beach.

Lancashire rose said...

I think it is K. marmorata. I have prickly pears and have tried using the fruits to make jelly. It ended up being syrup and great to use in margaritas. Love that beach-fun for everyone.

yoon see said...

Hello Julie!
You are such a great grandparent.
In midst of business at work, you still find time for your grandchildren!

They have fun at the beaches..with sand, water, lovely findings.....

You took their candid shots..
I also love the last photo, seeing the large cruise boat as to be compared to the buildings behind...and that's a lady waving good bye. Really good...and how cool yeah!
So, a wonderful day spent out for travelling is worth a million dollar!