Sunday, March 20, 2011

This morning (3-20-11) garden shots!

Good morning!!!

I bought a few new plants yesterday (only 2 pots actually, but each one held three plants)! One was sunflowers, and the other... apricot colored zinnias! Each pot was 3dollars, so I paid 1 dollar for each plant...a lot of joy for only 6 bucks! Yeah!

I went out to take pics, but got carried away and had to show my tomatoes, and other things too! They are so beautiful to my eye, and palate....

MR STRIPEY TOMATO...he is about 5 ft. tall and has 24 tomatoes all over him!

I have three plants of this BEEFSTEAK tomato, and I have 18 so far on all three (they are younger than Mr. Stripey!

Here is one of my Ichiban eggplants. Those are watermarks...believe me, my vegetables are 100% organically grown!!! I should have polished this guy before taking the pic!!! :)

Kale in front, eggplants behind.

New zinnias!

Kale and zinnia:

Aren't these huge Dusty Millers just so pretty, tucked in with the tomatoes????

I love this full of color! I have a new appreciation for begonias!!! (Front left)


The blue salvia are gorgeous! My Mom bought one of these yesterday, because she admired mine so much! I keep them going year round, even though they are considered annuals!

HERE ARE TWO OF THE NEW SUNFLOWERS, and bunny likes to lay in them! So does Baby cat!

I have discovered a new love! Have you ever tasted Kohlrabi? Well, I am just tasting them for the first time. I planted 8 in my Moms garden, and she brought 4 to me, when she harvested the other day. I am not overly fond of the round Kohlrabi inself...BUT, on top of the thing, grow stems and leaves (dark green leaves, which are edible). They have the MOST exquisite taste! I like them better than ANY OTHER green! You guys really have to give them a try, if you haven't already! I steam them in a skillet with a little water and some olive oil, and once the water is gone, sizzle them in the oil with seasoning, and you will not be disappointed! I lay the whole leaf and stem in there. I made some scrambled egg with kohlrabi leaves and cheese on toast for breakfast this morning! It was delicious!!! Here is a pic.

Hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week!
xoxo- Julie


Jane said...

Your vegetables are just beautiful,flowers too! The tomattoes made me hungry. Blessings jane

Dandelion and Daisy said...

My dad grew kohlrabi when I was a kid and I loved them raw with salt but, my oh my, your eggs, cheese and kohlrabi sandwich looks mighty good.

Here in PNW it is still cold, wet and's wonderful to see tomatoes ripening on the vine! Yum.....something to look forward to!

walk2write said...

Your garden looks absolutely wonderful, Julie! And I do know what kohlrabi tastes like. My German aunt and uncle had them in their garden, and I've liked them ever since I first tasted them 40 years ago. Never thought about planting them here, though. The collards and cabbage do well, so why not?

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Happy Spring to you and your garden is really coming along. Here we go with another garden season and hope you have plenty of veggies and flowers to pick.
That looks like a good breakfast to me, yum. : )
Bobbie Lynn

Lynn said...

Oh your garden makes me green with envy and longing for gardens of mine past. I was a good gardener or the "mud hen" as my DH called me then. Can't believe I want to say 'in those days' if I am ancient now. But gardening got too hard to keep up with and the yard became gardener hired now takes care, but no veggies to enjoy like yours.
No, never tried kolrabi (sounds like "the rabbi calling" in Hebrew. LOL
Your breakfast san looks nummy.

Julie your recent praise and kudos sent my ego over the moon. Thanks so so much. Hugs!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Judi said...

Hi Julie
I have never heard of Kahlrabi actually...I don't think we can buy it here...hmmmm..but I am going to be on the lookout now.

Your tomatoes are Ginormous! Oh my goodness they are going to be soooo delicious. Good for you!!

Your flowers are beautiful amongst the veggies. You have the biggest green thumb.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Mandy said...

Your flowers look great amongst the vegetables! It looks like you definitely had fun with your new plants this weekend!

Teri C said...

Dear Farmer Julie.....your garden is absolutely fabulous!! All those beautiful veggies growing, wow.
I also LOVE kohlrabi!!!

deepazartz said...

Your garden is so beautiful with all those blooms and veges...too good!

Serena said...

What a delight your garden is, Julie! I'm jealous of your tomatoes and eggplants...I'm thinking of growing my own tomatoes as the prices are skyrocketing in the supermarkets.

I've never tried kohlrabi and it sure sounds nice.

Those begonias look so pretty in the tire!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks so pretty with all those veggies and flowers. I like your adventurous self in the food/veggie department. I have had kohlrabi and don't like it much. I didn't know you could eat the greens.

Lancashire rose said...

Your garden is so far advanced. When do you put in the tomatoes? I see 3 tiny ones on mine and that is early for Texas. Also, kohlrabi is one veg I have never tasted. Not too late though. Must check it out.

Julie said...

Lancashire Rose- Yes, we plant early here...if seeds, around October. From Dec.- May we keep the cool weather garden.

yoon see said...

Hi Julie,

All the shots above are so inspiring!
I hope I could be like you one day, growing healthy organic vegetables.

Yeah, of one I must follow your quote here, you should polish the little guy (eggplant) before taking picture...

OK, until then, bye Julie!

messyfish said...

yuuuummmmmm! I am so jealous of your vegetable garden.

shirley said...

Your garden has come along so much which I have been away on my sojourns into hospital.
Just love home grown veges. Now I am on the road to recovery I may be able to do some veges in pots.

Love all your flowers as well.

My Little Family: said...

I can't believe how well your garden is doing in March. The bugs just eat up my tomatoes when I try. Guess you won't have to water htis week, lol.