Saturday, March 5, 2011

A few good things!

Good Saturday to everyone!
Out in the tires this spray of succulents was just begging me to take a picture!

While waiting for my daughter the other day, Emily and I were playing in a well manacured landscape...and she found this really neat fern frond to use as a magic wand!

This is blurry, but check out the monster spores on the back!!! Something I may not have ever divulged about myself...when I was in college, I was a fern and spore fanatic! It was a love affair, as I took plant biology, zoology and micro...I was being prepped up for the sciences! How I wish now that I would have continued my degree in biology :( Only one problem...I hated chemistry and still would and do! I wonder sometimes if I should just go take that one college class and see if I could pass it...just bust my ass till I did. It might change my life... :)

Lastly, I was over at Lowes and found this simple, sweet, red you know it had to "pop" right into one of my tires! I just love it.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone!!! Oh...P.S. these 4 pics just uploaded to Blogger almost instantly...I was so shocked I nearly fell off my seat!!!
xoxo- Julie


Jane said...

The flower pics are very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should take the college class you never know,you might enjoy it . Blessings jane

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hmmm.........I wonder if my Lowe's has flowers yet. Maybe.

You should definitely take that class. What have you got to lose?

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Wonderful pics. I was surprised to see your flowers in tires. I am handicapped and was thinking of ways to raise my garden so I could garden sitting down not kneeling on the ground. A couple of tires stacked might do it and I would be recycling. I think it might raise it enough to make planting bearable and harvesting easy. Thanks for the idea

walk2write said...

Julie, you're not alone in your fear/dread of chemistry. It's the main reason I didn't finish my biology degree all those years ago. You should take that class. Amazing things can happen over the years. Perspective changes a lot, and we find ourselves laughing at those old monsters in the closet.

Evelyn said...

Love those sux. The yellow one are unusual. I love them.

donna said...

I could use a magic wand right about now. Do you think Emily would consider sharing with me? She's so sweet, I bet she would.


ellieT said...

just found your blog - looking forward to reading future posts!

but I was wondering if anyone can give advice about dioscorea elephantipes?