Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake, mini album, and the ATC's I recieved at my 1st monthly meetup this past Saturday!

I was in such shock when I heard about the earthquake today on the EAST coast...I felt tears coming!!! It made all my troubles feel small. It is an amazing thing how you can be feeling such strain and anxieties from everyday matters, and then when something really terrible happens (by terrible, I mean a disaster of any kind) just puts things into perspective really quickly!!!

The hurricane threat is looking less and less here...thank God. I keep praying it moves further out to the ocean and never hits the U.S. coast. Looks like the Bahamas will be hit though, sadly. As far as I know right now, we are still on track for my daughters surgery on Thursday. One more day of work, and I will be off 4 days...good thing too...sounds like it may be a little rainy, and windy. We shall see.

I wanted to show you the three ATC's I got at the ATC, inchies and altered book meetup last Saturday. I had only made one, but the lady I gave mine to, gave me one of hers, and the other two gals who had made some, also gave me one of theirs. I will not give their names out, as of yet...but if I get permission next meeting, I will. These are the three I received:

This sandcastle was made out of sandpaper! Cool!

Ship in a bottle tossing on ocean waves! Love it!

The creator of this one took a photo of her own feet at the beach...sweet!!! Don't you love the fancy cut edge on this one...looks like waves washing onto shore to me! PLUS, a real tiny shell in the corner! Brilliant!
You can see I was lazy and took the pics with the ATC's in the pocket protector!

I can also show you the book we are working on.

So far all I have is the folded 6x9 manilla mailing envelopes we got hinged together in preparation to add the back and front covers. It will have a house shaped cover and I am thinking maybe I will make it into a haunted Halloweeeeeen book. I went ahead and bought these cute stickers just in case!

These envelopes will be covered back and front with scrapbooking paper...I am thinking maybe it is scrapbook cardstock weight paper. I still need to find out.

Speaking of have got to see this video of a book I can only dream about ever making! This thing is awesome! Check it out!! The fence and gate binding it are just fantastic!

Everyone be safe wherever in the world you are!
Love, Julile


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Julie formost I hope your area isn't hit by the hurricane. Your atcs are nice. Being in this group will give you inspiration to give yourself a bit of "me" time to create. I hope your house book turns out like this video house. What a lot of detail. Have fun.

Teri C said...

Oh my, I wondered if 'Irene' was coming close to you. And the earthquake. goodness, the weather has been so strange this year.

I love your ATC's you got; so creatively done. I'm anxious to see your book. This meeting sounds like a great place with lots of inspiration.

Stay safe my friend.

Diane AZ said...

Yes, I hope everyone stays safe from natural disasters! The beach themed ATC's are really cute. I look forward to seeing what you create with your book.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Good to hear about the hurricane weakening. Earthquakes are pretty scary, but they are not seasonal like the hurricanes and tornadoes.

Love the ATC's you received, lots of creativity. When I go to a class or demo I take notes so I do not forget a new technique and there are times when I take my camera (i ask first if it is okay). I use acrylic paints so far. They are fun to use on paper,. That is one amazing mini album fun watching the video. Have fun making your mini.
Bobbie Lynn

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

That video was amazing! That girl is soooo talented. But I don't understand what all the tags are for. Are they tags to make for presents? I bet you can do stuff like this.

I am glad the hurricane is still staying away. And what a weird place for an earthquake! We get used to a rumble now and again but not there.

And I hope everything goes well with your daughter's surgery. I am sure everything will be fine with all of our good wishes and prayers.

Julie said... best I can tell...the tags are just cute extra places to write notes or "journal" more about the photos that you would place in there.

meemsnyc said...

We felt the earthquake here in NYC and it was the first one for me. It scared me quite a bit since it's something we definitely are not used to.

Evelyn said...

Hi Julie
Wow, fantastic projects and pieces. Sand castle made with sand - great idea, love the bottle, and the beach toes with the wave edges - very creative.

Glad your daughter is home. All the best to her for a quick recovery.