Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doll collection and my vegies from yesterday.

I thought i would post most of my daughters doll collection, as she has recently added a few "My Little Ponies" as well. She really has a fun collection, with many ball jointed dolls and the Monster High group as well. A few special Barbies too. She has the sign over her closet...we found it in an antique store a few years ago (definately not an antique though).

I came home yesterday and found 4 of my Sweet 100 tomatoes had turned red. I ate one, and Emily thought she would like to try one...but it was found later under the couch!!! Ha...will that gal ever eat a vegie??? Hehehe...maybe one day!

I just love my cute white eggplant! So easy to cut up...and fun!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Xoxo- Julie


Lynn said...

I have never ever seen a white eggplant. Is the taste any different than a purple one? they are so interesting looking.
100 tomatoes! Wow. Enjoy your bounty.

fun doll collection too! cute sign. loved dolls as a child and still do!

Teri Casper said...

Oh that Emily, she is so cute, she can get away with anything!
Your veggies look WOW!

All those dolls. Another WOW!!

Have a great Sunday Julie.
How is the new job coming?

Anonymous said...

I have some Sweet 100s planted too! Last year i had some Husky Cherry and they were really good but of course i couldn't fine them this year. Put out some heirloom types - Cherokee Purple, and Red Zebra. Usual Better Boy, Patio, and a Lemon Boy.
Too many. I like to eat them right in the garden...
Cute dolls!

yoon see said...

The tomatoes sure looking great!
I hope to steal one from you!