Thursday, June 14, 2012

My version of Lego play bag!

There is a neat bag you can buy online that is perfect for storing opens up to a large circular play area, and when you are done playing, you pull up the encased drawstring around the outer edge, and it pulls the cloth up and into a bag....capturing all the little billions of Legos inside it 's purse!

When saw the one online, Mom and I began discussing the best, and least expensive ideas...

We decided to use fleece, cut small slits at intervals in a few inches from the outside edge, and ran a small rope in and out around through the cuts. When you do this make sure you have your material spread out, and make it right about that same size...then when you pull up the bag using 2 string parts opposite each other, it will pull up into a purse of sorts.

My grandson, and his friend too, love playing Legos this fuss, no muss....easy open, easy to travel with...and no clean up!

If you have any Lego lovers around...give it a try!


Lynn said...

Very cool idea! I bet you could patent the pattern for a sewing book.

walk2write said...

This project looks simple enough even for me, the one who runs screaming from anything that involves sewing. Great idea, Julie!

marianne said...

My kids loved lego but they are into other things right now.
But it is a great idea! And you started this project with your Mom :)
Thanks for your sweet words about Sjimmie on my blog dear.
I was writing a comment on your succulents from the previous post and I shut the PC down too early and away was my comment:(
But they do look great And I never heard of that mother of Millions but it looks like a succulent to me too!
That planter your Mom had in mind looks great but what happens when the leave disappear cause that would probably happen as time goes by......
I missed a lot of your posts lately, but it has been 2 difficult weeks for me. Had to move my things then I became ill and then Sjimmie became ill at the same time, so all happened at the same time.
Trying to catch up a little and pick up the thread of every day things......... :)

Judi said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
Now thats a neat idea...and neat that its in fleece so comfy for kneeling on when you're playing wiht legos.
Thank you for sharing.
have a nice weekend Julie..*hugs*