Friday, June 22, 2012

I was "Mayor" of the Library!

Have you ever heard of, or used the APP called Foursquare??? It is used to "check in" at different locations that you go to throughout your day. Many places offer "specials" a % off, etc.  You can also see where any of your "friends" go too, and leave tips about what to eat, etc. When you have gone to a spot more than anyone else, you become the Mayor of it.

Well, one day I checked in to my closest library and at the same moment I found out no one else had checked in there, I found out I was the Mayor there!!! It was funny...I became Mayor by default!

I decided to try and make a patch (as a joke) and did my first really crappy try at applique, and added some embroidery. I do like the technique I used to frame out the circular part of the looks kinda cool, and seemed to add a nice touch.

I tried sewing down the red ribbon parts, but it looked bad...they needed to hang freely. Then i tried to whip stitch the edges...and it really looked crappy! In the end, i am leaving them as they are.

I planned to finish around the edge of the book with a tight zigzag using the sewing machine, to use it as a patch on the front of a fabric book cover, but now, i believe it will remain in it's current state of mess and will be sewn into my embroidery book as a fun momento of a strange, and meaningless happening!


Cindy said...

Oh, for a second there, I thought you'd gotten a huge promotion, or the keys to the city or something. Still amazing the way you get ideas for stuff and always manage to turn it into something cute :)

cosmosandcleome said...

Hencefort we shall address you as "Madame Mayor!"

Lynn said...

Dear Mayor...more books please!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

See, there is still such a thing as a fair and honest election that doesn't cost millions of dollars! I like your clever badge. It would be fun if you could link it to the library site and each new mayor could have an electronic badge!