Monday, August 20, 2012

Hardy Mallow Hibiscus, and a neat art wreath

Well, hello again! It has been a busy started today for the grand kids, and daughter-in-law at her brand spankin new office job which she is loving! Yeah! Back to the sort of normal yearly grind around here.

When hubby and I drove to Lakeland last weekend, we came upon these giant, sort of Hibiscus-looking flowers...only thing was they had a different kind of look to them, they are huge (the size of my hand) and they have a different purple they are a big mystery to me...but I will tell you with all sincerity, that I WANT SOME OF THESE!!! I love the dark leaves...and these appeared so healthy, I was inspired that, I too, could make these flowers grow in my own yard!

Mystery solved: These are called Hardy Mallow Hibiscus, as best I can tell, and are only hardy in zones 3-9. That is why I do not see these super giants down here in zone 10! Sadly, they will not be for me...:(

When touring my grandsons new school, we found this wreath on the art room door!!! I just instantly loved it, and thought quite a few of you might as well. His new school is open, airy and very homelike. I really love it. His school (my old alma mater) is being torn down and a new one built to replace it, so for 2 years they will be in this other location. The whole building is under air, so not much walking outside except for P.E. and band room. NICE, specially in this horrid heat!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Good morning Julie. Love the photos on your post this morning. what a beautiful Hibiscus plants and yes, that is amazing to see that plant with dark purple leaves. Thanks for sharing that. What a great idea to use old craft tools to make an adorable wreath. Best wishes for a good school year for your Grandkids Keep cool and it is very warm and humid here in California too. Looking forward to Fall. Have a wonderful week.

Lynn said...

the flower is lovely, that wreath spectacular. Bless the teacher who either make or encouraged the making of it. Or the student who had it inside them. Wow! Love it!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are right about this plant being a hibiscus. Many people grow them around here too. I am sure you can find them at a nursery. The wreath is inspiring. I hope your Grands have a great school year.

Dewdrop Gardens said...

Beautiful flower, and yes, a perennial hibiscus. We sell them at work and have this kind with the burgundy leaves. I had to buy one, of course with hibiscus being my favourite flower. The only difference, mine is a white flower with a dark pink centre.
Debbie :)

Rohrerbot said...

I love that hibiscus. It's very different from the ones we have around here and that BLOOM is HUGE! Gorgeous. Hope the school year starts off on a good note for the kiddos. Chris

Teri Casper said...

Your hibiscus is gorgeous! And LOVE that little wreath.