Saturday, April 19, 2014

A little Easter vignette for my front porch! You should have seen md out there yesterday sweeping and cleaning, and picking up tons of leaves that fly over from the neighbors sea grape tree! If I didn't love her so much, I'd be mad! Lol. Anyway After increasing the curb appeal, I decided to add some greenery, a little bird and some eggs from my holiday drawer! Now it is a useable space to sit and have morning coffee. I hear it is supposed to be much cooler and overnight tomorrow which will be a nice touch for Easter Day!
These are some of the molds daughter and I used to make egg shaped, and round bath bombs with. Got the recipe online somewhere (she has had it since last year). She made orange cinnamon ones this time.
Here is a pic of grandson, Donovan with a green tongue he fashioned out of Airhead candy! He is at his Dad's house this weekend and my DIL sends photos of the kids.  Dono is growing his hair out all one length kinda long like a skater cut. He's growing up !!!!!

And here is Emily looking smashing in her beautiful new BLUE dress as this is her new fav color so she can look just like Esla from the movie Frozen! This is a beautiful shot of her, that my DIL GOT, don't you think??? They bought her the dress!!! Swoon, swoon! Gorgeous!!!

So now on the way to a walk in clinic as daughter has had pain in her ear for two days and it is pretty bad without warm oil drops and Ibuprophen. We shall see what's brewing there!

Hope you all have wonderful weekend!
Much love,


Bobbie Lynn said...

So sorry to about your daughter Julie. Last year I had some serious ear pain for several months. They said I had TMJ. I did everything they recommend but the pain worsened. I finally went to my dentist just to make sure it was not my molders and YES it was. The nerves to one molars went dead. They took it out and replace it and no more pain. It's amazing what a tooth can do. All the best. : (
Have good weekend too.
Bobbie Lynn

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope your Easter was perfect Julie. Your Grands look so sweet.